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Automation ComponentsKomponen Mekanis
FastenersSekrup, Baut, Washer, Nut
Wiring ComponentsKomponen Kabel
Electrical & ControlsElektrikal & Kontrol
Cutting ToolsPeralatan Pemotong
Processing ToolsPeralatan Produksi
Press Die ComponentsKomponen Press Die
Plastic Mold ComponentsKomponen Plastik Mold
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Our Products

Automation Components

Linear Motion

Rotary Motion

Connecting Parts

Rotary Power Transmission


Conveyors & Material Handling

Locating, Positioning, Jigs & Fixtures


Sensors, Switches

Pneumatics, Hydraulics

Vacuum Components

Hydraulic Equipment

Discharging / Painting Devices

Pipe, Tubes, Hoses & Fittings

Modules, Units

Heaters, Temperature Control

Framing & Support

Casters, Leveling Mounts, Posts

Doors, Cabinet Hardware

Springs, Shock Absorbers

Adjusting, Fastening, Magnets

Antivibration, Soundproofing Materials, Safety Products



Wiring Components

Electrical & Controls


PC Parts

Terminal Blocks

Receiving and Distributing Electricity

Power Supplies

Boards/Cabinet Parts


Circuit Board Parts

Environment-Resistant Equipment

Electric Facility Materials

Cutting Tools

Carbide End Mills

HSS End Mills

Milling Cutter Inserts/Holders

Customized Straight Blade End Mills

Dedicated Cutters

Turning Tools

Drill Bits

Screw-Hole-Related Tools


Chamfering / Centering Tools

Fixtures Related to Cutting Tools

Step Drills

Core Drills (Tip Tools)

Drill Bits for Electric Drilling Machines

Woodworking Drill Cutters

Drills for Concrete

Processing Tools

Machine Tools

Measurement Tools / Measuring Equipment

Electric Discharge Tools

Abrasives for Grinders

Hand Tools

Press Die Components

Punches & Dies

Guide Components

Components/Peripheral Components


Plastic Mold Components

Ejector Pins

Sleeves, Center Pins

Core Pins

Sprue bushings, Gates, and other components

Date Mark Inserts, Recycle Mark Inserts, Pins with Gas Vent

Undercut, Plates

Leader Components, Components for Ejector Space

Mold Opening Controllers

Cooling or Heating Components

Accessories, Others

Components for Molding

Components of Large Mold, Die Casting

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