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Cutter Knives

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  • Utility Cutter Blade EA589AE-2

    Utility Cutter Blade EA589AE-2【50 Pieces Per Package】


    【Product Specifications】 ・For EA589AE, EA589AF, EA589AG, EA589AG-1, EA589AG-2, EA589CR-1, Old EA589AD, Old EA589AD-1, Old EA589AH, Old EA589C-1 ・Blade Material …Bimetal , Titanium Coatied ・Blade Length …60mm ・Qty. Per Unit …50pcs ・For the bimetal structure whichmake it flexible and less prone to breakage. ・Blades can be taken out one by one or five at a time ・EA589AE-3(included 100pcs) is also available

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s)
  • Cutter Knife (With Replacement Blade 10 Pcs) EA589AT-228

    Cutter Knife (With Replacement Blade 10 Pcs) EA589AT-228


    【Product Specifications】 ・Material-Body:elastomer resin, Blade:SK120 ・For cutting thick thing. ・Screw lock type ・Length-190mm ・Blade width-25mm ・Blade thickness-0.7mm

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s)
  • Portable Blade Breaker [Recycle] EA589BR-12

    Portable Blade Breaker [Recycle] EA589BR-12


    【Product Specifications】 ・Dim.-64 x 64 x 24mm ・Material-Reworked plastic ・Disposal type

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s)
  • Replacement Cutter Blade EA589CR-105

    Replacement Cutter Blade EA589CR-105【10 Pieces Per Package】


    【Product Specifications】 ・Overall length-53mm (51mm only for CR-106 and CS-1) ・Blade width-19mm (18.9 mm only for CR-106) ・Blade thickness-0.63mm ・For EA589CR-5, CS, CS-10 and CT-30 (The hook blade of CR-106 and CS-1 cannot be used only for EA589CT-30.) ・Specification-Sharp edge(one side blade) ・Material-Stainless-steel, TiN coating ・Qty. per unit-10 pcs

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s)
  • Sheet Cutter EA589CW-2

    Sheet Cutter EA589CW-2


    【Product Specifications】 ・Cutting surface in work-6.2mm ・Material-Blade: steel, Body: Plastic ・By the use of the side portions of the blade, it is usable as a cutter, scraper and packaging tape cutter. ・Since the blade gap of 6.2mm will not allow any entry of adult'sfinger, it is safe to use. ・Great for cutting cardboard, tape, string, shrink-wrap, etc. ・For right and left-handed persons ・Disposable type ・Length-147mm ・Blade width-16mm ・Blade thickness-0.29mm

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s)
  • Cutting Mat EA762EC-51

    Cutting Mat EA762EC-51


    【Product Specifications】 ・Line-Solid line with 10mm increments in between ・Thickness-2mm ・Material-PVC ・Two colors, soft gray and brown of front and back sides are available. ・Dim.…A4 (320 x 225mm)

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s)
  • Hyper H Type Auto Lock
    Days to Ship
    7 Day(s)


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