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Safety Valves, Control Valves

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  • Drain Valve Set for Low Tank EA472AE-32

    Drain Valve Set for Low Tank EA472AE-32


    【Product Specifications】 ・A set of overflow pipe and rubber float inside the low tank ・Material-ABS, EPDM, SUS304 ・Height-412mm ・Nominal…32 ・Thread dia.…G1.1/4

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  • RD-31FN, 32FN Type, Pressure-Reducing Valve HEISEI

    RD-31FN, 32FN Type, Pressure-Reducing Valve HEISEI


    Direct acting type general-purpose products (made of bronze, medium capacity) such as construction equipment, factory equipment, etc. [Features] · Calm-flow rusty water countermeasures: Bronze body + Pipe-end core, to prevent rusty water. · Low noise design. · Smaller and more lightweight by 50% than FC made conventional parts. ▪ Water does not leak outside when diaphragm is damaged. ▪ Built-in strainer (Equivalent to 40 mesh with nominal diameter of 50 or less). · Heisei serves as a bronze water pressure reducing valve meeting the needs of the times [trump card to prevent rusty water]. ▪Already highly winning high praise, it combines technology of pressure reducing valves for water, with controllability, reliability, and user-friendliness, eliminating rust generation from the flow path including pipe joints in particular. · [Heisei] is receiving increased reputation in active countermeasures for rusty water and is used for building facilities, house facilities, plant facilities, boiler water supply, etc.

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  • Safety Relief Valve AL-300T/AL-301 T Series

    Safety Relief Valve AL-300T/AL-301 T Series


    [Features] • Fluororesin disks are used in valve components for superior valve seat air-tightness. • The AL-301T is a stainless steel main section (valve and valve seat) with superior corrosion resistance and durability.

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