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MISUMI Waterproof Connector, Waterproof Cable Clamp

MISUMI Waterproof Connector, Waterproof Cable Clamp

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  • Volume Discount

Low Price M Thread Waterproof Clamp

  • Aluminum Die Cast
  • 2DCAD

Low price M thread waterproof clamp.
● Holds cables and displays waterproof capacity when mounted to a hood or the cable outlet of a relay pedestal.
● Perfectly compatible with major connector manufacturers.
● The internal diameter of the part for passing the cable through can be adjusted by turning the external ring.
● Silver plated

· Confirm that the M thread size is the same for mounting before purchasing.

Part Number

Configured Part Number is shown.

Specification Table

Model NumberM screw
Nut width across flats
Dimensions (mm)
Internal diameter (mm)
CLAMP-M20-0408M2028.24 to 8
CLAMP-M20-06106 to 10
CLAMP-M20-08128 to 12
CLAMP-M20-121530.312 to 15
CLAMP-M25-1216M2536.612 to 16
CLAMP-M25-161916 to 19
CLAMP-M32-1620M3244.916 to 20
CLAMP-M32-202420 to 24
CLAMP-M32-242648.124 to 26
CLAMP-M40-2428M4054.824 to 28
CLAMP-M40-283228 to 32
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipM screw size Clamp inner diameter
Nut across flat dimensions
Available 9 Day(s) or more M204 ~ 820
Available 9 Day(s) or more M206 ~ 1020
Available 9 Day(s) or more M208 ~ 1220
Available 9 Day(s) or more M2012 ~ 1522
Available 9 Day(s) or more M2512 ~ 1630
Available 9 Day(s) or more M2516 ~ 1930
Available 9 Day(s) or more M3216 ~ 2040
Available 9 Day(s) or more M3220 ~ 2440
Available 9 Day(s) or more M3224 ~ 2640
Available 9 Day(s) or more M4024 ~ 2850
Available 9 Day(s) or more M4028 ~ 3250


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