MIL Press-fit Male Extension Connector

MIL Press-fit Male Extension Connector
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Connector for Relaying / Extending

  • UL
  • MIL
  • Caulking
  • Gold Plated
  • Lever Lock

● 1.27 mm pitch flat cable collective pressure welding model connector that allows the relay connection with the MIL standard connector (HIF3B connector).
● Since it has a lock mechanism after bonding, it does not come off even if a little tension is applied.
● UL No. E52653

Rated Current: 1A Rated Voltage: 200V AC
Compatible Electric Wire Size:AWG28 or 0.08 mm2, 1.27 mm Pitch Flat Cable, Fusion Cable

· Please note that the 50-core or higher is available in two models: with one polarity guide slot at the center, and one each on the left and right.
· Vises or simple tools cannot be used as the lever of the connector will interfere.



MIL Press-fit Male Extension Connector:Related Image

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MIL Press-fit Male Extension Connector:Related Image
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Connection Method for Pressure Welding Type MIL Socket Connector

The MIL standard socket connector is a small and highly versatile connector used for connecting various input/output signals, such as solenoid valves and programmable controllers in FA and SCSI and IDE in computers. The pressure welding type, which can connect cables easily, is especially popular and used widely. Although it is desirable to use dedicated tools specified by the manufacturer in terms of reliability of cable connection for the pressure welding type, most dedicated tools specified by the manufacturer usually cost about fifty to one hundred thousand yen. This kind of expense is out of the question when manufacturing a small prototype. Here we introduce a method for simple pressure welding, which can be useful when manufacturing prototypes or simple jigs. However, after processing, please thoroughly check the finish and connection before use.
(1) First of all, select the cable. Flat cables (photo 1) with wire spacing of 1.27 mm pitch can be used. Types of flat cables include the bridge type, which is nearly all gray wires except for red and green, the intermittent bonded gray type, in which the flat portion turns to loose wires partway through, and the twisted-pair flat type which is intermittent bonded and resistant to wire twisting noise; there are also flat cables with shields and color types using a variety of colors.
(2) Once you have selected the cable, cut it straight with scissors. (Picture 2) If it is cut curved or diagonally, the conductor may not reach the blade of the contact. Then apply the cut cable to the uneven portion of the holding plate. (Picture 3)
(3) Next, considering the cable draw-out direction, position the ▼ mark of the connector so that it matches the first wire (if it is gray type match with the red line, if it is color type match with the brown line) and apply the edge portion of the connector to the cable. Press down firmly with a finger so that the cable is not aslant. (Picture 4)
(4) After that you only need to clamp and weld with a vise or the simple pressure welding tool on P.a4209. (Picture 5) However, please perform the welding gradually and slowly. Also, if there is a lock lever as in the relay connector and the tool cannot be applied to the operation side, please use a wood block etc. so that there is always uniform force applied to the whole connector. Note that relay connector welding cannot be performed with a simple pressure welding tool.
(5) When the welding is complete, pull the connector out from the tool. (Picture 6) The strain relief is installed from the back of the connector so that the contact portion does not disconnect if force is applied to the cable during use. (Picture 7) Finally, check the conduction and the finished appearance of the pressure welding. (Picture 8)

Table of Possible Connectors for Pressure Welding

As well as MIL socket connectors, the simple pressure welding tool in the photos can be used for the following products.
Product Name Model
D-sub Connector
(EMI Pressure Welding Type)
FD*-*PF05 (Male)
FD*-*P05 (Male)
FD*-*S05 (Female)
Centronics Connector
General-purpose Pressure Welding Spring-lock Type
57F-30***-20S (Male)
57F-40***-20S (Female)
Centronics Connector
(EMI Pressure Welding Type)
57FE-30***-20N-D8 (Male)
57FE-40***-20N-D8 (Female)
FCN Pressure Welded Connector FCN-367J***-AU-F (Female)
MIL Socket Connector
Female Pressure Welding Contact Connector (without Lock)
HIF3**-**D-2.54R (Female)
* Cannot be used for 60 / 64 core type. The type with 2 guide keys also cannot be used
MIL Socket Connector
Female Pressure Welding Contact Connector (with Lock)
Caution: The attachment to hold the connector in place is not sold separately. When high reliability is required for the connection between the connector and the electrical wire, use a dedicated tool handled by the connector manufacturer.

Basic Information

Connector Shape Square shape M·N·O MIL Applicable pin/contact Male (plug)
Application Cable to Circuit Board Allowable Current(A) 1 Allowable Voltage(V) 200
Wire connection method Pressure welding Connection direction Straight Protection function (environmentally resistant) None

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