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Contact for Mini-Universal MATE-N-lOK【100 Pieces Per Package】

Contact for Mini-Universal MATE-N-lOK

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  • Volume Discount

Power supply side wiring is safely realized with the fully loaded housing interior design. 1 pack contains 100 pieces

  • Caulking
  • Tin-Plated

● Special contact to be incorporated into commercial MATE-N-LOK Connectors.
● Contacts for AWG22 – AWG18 have 2 AWG22 wires and contacts for AWG20 – AWG16 have 2 AWG20 wires. These wires can be connected together.
● Weight: 0.2 g
● Manufacturer: Tyco Electronics

· Quantity: 100 pcs. / pack. Please note.
· Crimping using special tools.

· It cannot be incorporated into other products.



Contact for Mini-Universal MATE-N-lOK:Related Image

1 Pack Unit 100-piece Pack
Model NumberApplicable Electric Wire
Insulation OD
TypeFor Compatible Crimping Tool
170363-126-221.2 ~ 1.8Male
170364-122-181.5 ~ 2.490759-2
171638-120-162.0 ~ 3.290760-2
170365-126-221.2 ~ 1.8Female
170366-122-181.5 ~ 2.490759-2
171639-120-162.0 ~ 3.290760-2

More Information

Contact for Mini-Universal MATE-N-lOK:Related Image
Part Number
Part NumberNumber of pc(s). included in pkg.Volume DiscountDays to ShipConnector series initials Applicable pin/contact

100 Pieces Per Package

Available 11 Day(s) or more KatakanaMale (plug)

100 Pieces Per Package

Available 11 Day(s) or more KatakanaFemale (socket)

100 Pieces Per Package

Available 11 Day(s) or more KatakanaMale (plug)

100 Pieces Per Package

Available 11 Day(s) or more KatakanaFemale (socket)


  1. 1


● The Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK connector has a compact size of about 22 mm x 15 mm, even with the maximum core number of 15. It is a nylon connector suitable for compact, high-density modern devices.
● A type of plug for attaching electric wire that contains a socket for relays, as well as a panel for mounting a socket.
● Because both male and female contacts can be freely incorporated in both plug and socket, male and female contacts can coexist within the same plug or the same socket. Thanks to this, it is possible to add the incorrect insertion prevention function.
● Because both male and female contacts fit into the housing interior without being exposed, either can be used for the power supply side.
● Can be used with confidence in safety due to being compliant with UL, CSA and VDE standards.
● PRO-CRIMPER can be also used for crimping various nylon connectors by simply exchanging the die.
● UL No.E28476

Material / Finish

Item Materials Finish
Housing 66 Nylon Resin UL94V-0
Contact Brass (Phosphor Bronze) Tin-plated

Compatible Wire Size

AWG Conductor Section Area mm2
Size 26 ~ 16 0.15 ~ 2.0


Item Content
Rated Current 7 A (used with AWG18) or less
Rated Voltage (UL, CSA certified) 600 VAC or less
Rated Voltage (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law Compliant) 300 VAC or less
Withstand Voltage 1,500 VAC / 1 minute
Insulation Resistance 1,000 MΩ or more
Contact Resistance 10 mΩ or less
Operating Temperature Range -20°C ~ +105°C (Note)
Applicable Panel Thickness 0.8 ~ 2.0 mm
Durability (repeated insertion and removal) After being repeatedly inserted and removed 24 times, passed standards for connector insertion pullout force. Contact Resistance 20 MΩ or less
(Note) The operating temperature range is a combination of ambient temperature and temperature rise during energization. Allowable limit temperature rise during energization is up to 30°C. Therefore, the allowable upper limit for the ambient temperature is 75°C. When the number of cores increases, the allowable ambient temperature for rated current decreases. Confirm with the table at right.
About Contacts

Relationship of Ambient Temperature, Power Supply Current, and Core Number

About Coupling

About Coupling

Basic Information

Katakana Mini Universal Mate-N-Lok Application Cable to cable

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