Ceramic Fiber Brush

Ceramic Fiber Brush
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Can improve surface roughness significantly in a short time. A revolutionary tool for surface polishing and fine deburring

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipWire Model Maximum Rotation Speed
Shaft Diameter d Wire Length T Shaft Length L
Available 11 Day(s) or more Red1200032028
Available 11 Day(s) or more White1200032028


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Model Number Wire ColorShaft Diameter
Outer Diameter
Wire Length
Shaft Length
Total Length
Maximum Operating
Rotation Speed
CECF 1 Red3620285712,000
2 White

More Information

■ Usage
● Removing mold craters and modifying molds
● Removing extremely fine burrs after molding precision parts or machining
● Surface polishing such as removing various machining craters

● CECF1 (Red) is excellent in fitting and suitable for removing extremely fine burrs.
● CECF2 (White) is harder and better in cutting properties than CECF1 (Red).

The wire tip has excellent grinding power.
It improves the surface roughness significantly in a short time.
Soft contact, reducing undulation on the workpiece.
Clogging is reduced because of the self-regenerating properties of the wire tip.
Both dry and wet machining are possible.

■ Operating Precautions
It cannot be used with an air grinder.
 It is dangerous to exceed the maximum rotation speed since the brush wire or shaft may break.
● Carry out a trial run for 1 minute or more before work and for 3 minutes or more when the brush is replaced in order to confirm there is no abnormality such as vibration or looseness on the brush shaft mounting part. Even when there is no problem found in the trial run, immediately stop using the product if an abnormality such as vibration occurs during use. It is dangerous since brush wire or shaft may snap, deform, or break.
● Since wire may break and disperse, it is not effective and also dangerous to use the product with an excessive load (cut depth).
● In particular, since wire breakage and dispersion are more likely to occur when machining edges or uneven part, machine them at a reduced rotation speed with a moderate load.

● Truing and Dressing Method
● True the shape by pressing the rotating brush tip to the sand paper pasted to a board etc.

● Machining Conditions
● Both dry and wet machining are possible.
  However, use a device such as a dust collector to collect the dust generated with dry machining.

● How to Use
● Mount it to a hand tool and contact the brush to the work surface at an angle of approximately 45 degrees.
● Contact the brush to the work with a constant load as much as possible and a small cut depth (1 mm or less).
● Reduce rotation speed and load when grinding or removing burrs of edges or uneven parts.
● When the total length of the wire (hair length) is shortened as you use the product, its cutting ability tends to increase and its fitting tends to decrease as its hair gets stronger. Therefore, adjust its cutting ability and fitting by reducing rotation speed and load (cut depth).


Ceramic Fiber Brush:Related Image

Basic Information

Product Model Automatic Commodity Contents Brush Total Length L(mm) 57
Outer Diameter D(mm) 6

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