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Medium Photoelectric Sensors with Built-In Amplifier [E3S-A]

Medium Photoelectric Sensors with Built-In Amplifier [E3S-A]

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· The operating mode selector switch is attached to the code extraction face (connector face).
· Depending on the operation mode changeover switch, the operation mode can be switched ON when light is sent/received.
· In the transmissive projector with self-diagnosis output, when the knob is pressed, the red brightness of LED the projected light increases, turbo switch that makes it easy to check the spot position is attached.
· When the turbo switch is pressed, its function is turned ON, and when released, it automatically resets.
· Spot light can be confirmed on a white paper even at a distance of 200 mm, so optical axis alignment or,

Part Number

Configured Part Number is shown.

Part Number
E3S-AD92 2M
E3S-AR11 2M
E3S-AT71 2M
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipRoHSDetection Method Light Axis Arrangement Type Light Source Detection distance 【classification】
Standard Detected Subject
Reflection type detection method Ambient Operating Temperature
Ambient Operating Temperature
Head maximum size, depth
Output Mode Timer Accessory functionality (non-amplifier) Accessories (dedicated reflective plate, etc.) Specifications Detection Distance details
13 Day(s) 6Retro reflectiveEmitting and Receiving Integrated Single UseInfrared-emitting diode~1000-Diffused reflective shape-25~5535~8544PNP Open CollectorOFF delay 0 to 100 ms (variable volume type)Self-diagnosis function included-Shape: vertical type700
11 Day(s) or more 6Retro reflectiveUse of Emitting and Receiving Integrated Reflection Plate[Red] Red light emitting diode~200075[Retroreflective] Retro-Reflective Shape (With MSR Function)-25~5535~8546.3NPN Open Collector--Reflective plate (Recur Retro reflective Only)Shape: horizontal type100~2000
13 Day(s) or more 6[Transparent] Through Beam TypeDifferent Shape of Emitting and Receiving Section[Red] Red light emitting diode~1000010--25~5535~8540NPN Open CollectorOFF delay 0 to 100 ms (variable volume type)Turbo function included, self-diagnostic function included, external diagnostic input included-Shape: vertical type7000


  1. 1

Basic Information

Type Photoelectric sensor Detected Objects Opaque Objects Beam Shape Standard
Head Shape Square shape Case Material Polybutylene Terephthalate Amplifier Installation Type Amplifier Built-in Type
Operating Environment Standard / Cold Resistance Protection Structure IP67 Head maximum size width(mm) 21
Head maximum size height(mm) 12.4 Power Supply Voltage(V) 10–30 VDC Operation Mode Light ON / dark ON switchable
Connection Method Integrated Cable Type Detection head size (screw type)(mm) - Detection head size (cylindrical)(mm) -
Code Length(m) 2 Spot Dia.(mm) - Response time (standard mode)(ms) 0.5
Numbers of optical axis(Optical axis) - Laser class - Shape (amplifier) -
Material (amplifier) - Applicable Sensors - Overview -
Shape (beam) - Input/Output - Free Cut Support -
Strength (tensile)(N) - Strength (tightening)(N·m) - Opening Angle(°) -
Material (detection head) Modified polyarylate Mounting Method - Combination lens -

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