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Pressure Rotary Fitting Pearl Rotary Joint, RXE/RXH4100 (Duplex Inner Tube Fixed Flange-Mounted Type)

Pressure Rotary Fitting Pearl Rotary Joint, RXE/RXH4100 (Duplex Inner Tube Fixed Flange-Mounted Type)

With respect to the RXE/RXH4100 (bidirectional inner tube fixed flange-mounted type) and the Pearl Rotary Joint RX Series have excellent durability and extremely high performance. There are two types of RXE RXH available that fit the usage conditions.


Part Number

Configured Part Number is shown.

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipMaximum Operating Temperature
Maximum Operating Pressure
Max. Operating Rotational Speed
Nominal Connection Screw for Elbow Side (Composite) Nominal Connection Screw for Head Side (Composite) Connection flange O.D., rotor parts
Connection flange bolt hole pitch
Nominal of connection flange bolt Nominal dimension
14 Day(s) or more 1002.2535003/8B(10A)1/2B(15A)6245M815A
14 Day(s) or more 1002.2535003/8B(10A)1/2B(15A)7454M1020A
14 Day(s) or more 1002.2535001/2B(15A)3/4B(20A)8060M1025A
14 Day(s) or more 1001.6720003/4B(20A)1B(25A)9675M1032A
14 Day(s) or more 1001.6720003/4B(20A)1B(25A)9675M1040A
14 Day(s) or more 1001.187501B(25A)1 1/2B(40A)12095M1250A
Quote 1001.187501 1/2B(40A)2B(50A)136110M1265A
Quote 1001.187501 1/2B(40A)2B(50A)154125M1280A
14 Day(s) or more 1502.2535003/8B(10A)1/2B(15A)6245M815A
14 Day(s) or more 1502.2535003/8B(10A)1/2B(15A)7454M1020A
14 Day(s) or more 1502.2535001/2B(15A)3/4B(20A)8060M1025A
14 Day(s) or more 1501.6720003/4B(20A)1B(25A)9675M1032A
14 Day(s) or more 1501.6720003/4B(20A)1B(25A)9675M1040A
14 Day(s) or more 1501.187501B(25A)1 1/2B(40A)12095M1250A
Quote 1501.187501 1/2B(40A)2B(50A)136110M1265A
Quote 1501.187501 1/2B(40A)2B(50A)154125M1280A


  1. 1

Basic Information

Type Fixed Duplex Inner Tube Applicable Fluid Water / Air / Gas / Oil Connection Type Screw and Flange Mounting
Types of Connection Screw for Elbow Side (Composite) Rc Types of Connection Screw for Head Side (Composite) Rc

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