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Round Nail (Stainless Steel)【5-120 Pieces Per Package】

Round Nail (Stainless Steel)

· Excellent resistance to corrosion and rust.
· Appropriate for installing aluminum frames, aluminum panels, and tiles, and for nailing wooden slats.

Part Number

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Part Number
Part NumberNumber of pc(s). included in pkg.Volume DiscountDays to ShipDimension d×Overall Length
JAN code Ordering Code Mass

10 Pieces Per Package

2 Day(s) 3.40 × 75Approx. 10 (per pack)4989999079340510-620660 (per approx. 10 pcs.)

15 Pieces Per Package

2 Day(s) 3.05 × 65Approx. 15 (per pack)4989999079333510-619260 (per approx. 15 pcs.)

25 Pieces Per Package

2 Day(s) 2.77 × 50Approx. 25 (per pack)4989999079326510-618460 (per approx. 25 pcs.)

34 Pieces Per Package

2 Day(s) 2.45 × 45Approx. 34 (per pack)4989999079319510-617660 (per approx. 34 pcs.)

54 Pieces Per Package

2 Day(s) 2.10 × 38Approx. 54 (per pack)4989999079302510-616860 (per approx. 54 pcs.)

90 Pieces Per Package

2 Day(s) 1.85 × 32Approx. 90 (per pack)4989999079296510-615060 (per approx. 90 pcs.)

120 Pieces Per Package

2 Day(s) 1.70 × 25Approx. 120 (per pack)4989999079289510-614160 (per approx. 120 pcs.)

5 Pieces Per Package

2 Day(s) 4.20 × 100Approx. 5 (per pack)4989999079364511-590660 (per approx. 5 pcs.)

7 Pieces Per Package

2 Day(s) 3.75 × 90Approx. 7 (per pack)4989999079357510-621460 (per approx. 7 pcs.)


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Basic Information

Type Joint Hardware for Wood Junction Hardware Types for Woodworking Nails Specifications Flat head
Material Stainless Steel (SUS304)

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