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Union Elbow LQ3E Inch Size Fluoropolymer Fittings Hyper Fittings

Union Elbow LQ3E Inch Size Fluoropolymer Fittings Hyper Fittings

Fluoropolymer fittings from SMC Corporation.
· Flare-type collet construction.
· Triple-seal construction.
· Ease of installation.
· Excellent flow-through characteristics.
· Excellent heat resistance.
· Can be used at 200°C.
· For joining tubes during piping assembly.


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Part Number

Configured Part Number is shown.

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipApplicable Tube O.D. (inch) D (D1) Maximum Operating Temperature
Packing Nut Material Size of Body
Quote 1/8200Standard Packaging Class M5.5 EquivalentPFA1
Quote 1/8150Clean Packaging Class M3.5 EquivalentPVDF1
Quote 1/4200Standard Packaging Class M5.5 EquivalentPFA2
Quote 1/4150Clean Packaging Class M3.5 EquivalentPVDF2
20 Day(s) 3/8200Clean Packaging Class M3.5 EquivalentPFA3
Quote 3/8200Standard Packaging Class M5.5 EquivalentPFA3
Quote 3/8150Clean Packaging Class M3.5 EquivalentPVDF3
20 Day(s) 1/2200Clean Packaging Class M3.5 EquivalentPFA4
Quote 1/2200Standard Packaging Class M5.5 EquivalentPFA4
Quote 1/2150Clean Packaging Class M3.5 EquivalentPVDF4
Quote 3/4200Standard Packaging Class M5.5 EquivalentPFA5
Quote 3/4150Clean Packaging Class M3.5 EquivalentPVDF5
Quote 1200Standard Packaging Class M5.5 EquivalentPFA6
Quote 1150Clean Packaging Class M3.5 EquivalentPVDF6
Quote -200Standard Packaging Class M5.5 EquivalentPFA7
Quote -150Clean Packaging Class M3.5 EquivalentPVDF7
Quote -150Standard Packaging Class M5.5 EquivalentPVDF7
Quote -200Clean Packaging Class M3.5 EquivalentPFA8
Quote -200Standard Packaging Class M5.5 EquivalentPFA8


  1. 1

Basic Information

Type Fitting Body Material PFA Connection Type Pipe⇔Pipe, same diameters connection
Pipe-to-Pipe Equal Dia. Connection Type Union Elbows

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