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Refrigerated Air Dryer, Refrigerant R134a (HFC) High Temperature Air Inlet, IDU□E Series

Refrigerated Air Dryer, Refrigerant R134a (HFC) High Temperature Air Inlet, IDU□E Series

Refrigerated air dryer that protects pneumatic equipment from moisture.
· Removes the vapor from the moist compressed air delivered by the compressor, and prevents it from causing the pneumatic equipment to fail.
· Improved corrosion resistance with the use of stainless-steel heat exchanger.
· High-temperature intake air type.
· IDU-□E-10: Single-phase: 100 V AC (50 Hz), 100/110 V AC (60 Hz).
· IDU-□E-20: Single-phase: 200 V AC (50 Hz), 200/220 V AC (60 Hz).
· IDU-□E-23: Single-phase 230 V AC (50 Hz).


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Part Number

Configured Part Number is shown.

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipAir Inlet Flow
Air Inlet Flow Rate [Distinction]
Supply Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal Control Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal Power Supply Voltage Air Compressor Size Auto drain Short-circuit Breaker Operation, Terminal block for abnormal signal takeout
14 Day(s) 520 ~ 570~10001/21/2Single-phase 100 V AC (50 Hz), 100/110 V AC (60 Hz)3.7 kWNoneNoneNone
14 Day(s) 520 ~ 570~10001/21/2Single-phase: 200 V AC (50 Hz), 200/220 V AC (60 Hz)3.7 kWNoneNoneNone
14 Day(s) 520 ~ 570~10001/21/2Single-phase: 200 V AC (50 Hz), 200/220 V AC (60 Hz)3.7 kWWith heavy-duty auto drainNoneNone
14 Day(s) 520 ~ 570~10001/21/2Single-phase 230 V AC (50 Hz)3.7 kWWith heavy-duty auto drainNoneYes
14 Day(s) 750 ~ 820~10003/43/4Single-phase 100 V AC (50 Hz), 100/110 V AC (60 Hz)5.5 kWNoneNoneNone
14 Day(s) 750 ~ 820~10003/43/4Single-phase: 200 V AC (50 Hz), 200/220 V AC (60 Hz)5.5 kWNoneNoneNone
14 Day(s) 750 ~ 820~10003/43/4Single-phase 230 V AC (50 Hz)5.5 kWNoneNoneNone


  1. 1

Basic Information

Type Dryer Method Refrigerating type (air-cooling specification) Shape Standard
Outlet Open Air Pressure Dew-point(℃) 10 Supply Side, Connection Type Rc Inlet Air Temperature(℃) 55
Inlet Air Pressure(MPa) 0.7 Control Side, Connection Type Rc Specifications None
Copper Tube Anti-rust Processing None Power Supply Terminal Block None Chinese nameplate, Chinese operation manual None

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