Reversible Electromagnetic Switch (With Case) (Part Numbers)

Reversible Electromagnetic Switch (With Case)

An electromagnetic switch that can be used for switching between forward and reverse motor rotation or for normal and abnormal operation.
· Electromagnetic switch combining a thermal relay with two magnetic contact devices of the same rating.
The type less than 3.7 kW is a compact integrated type, and equipped with a mechanical interlock unit up to RMUF65.
· Forward and reverse motor rotation or reverse phase braking (plucking.)
Suitable for switching between normal/abnormal.


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Part Number

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipMotor capacity 400 to 440-VAC class
Motor Capacity VAC 200–220 Class
Coil rated voltage
Number of Poles Auxiliary Contact Representative Standard Dimension length
Dimension width
Dimension height
With thermal relay Auxiliary contact rated current used AC-15 220 V
Rated current used AC-3 220 V
Applicable motor type Applicable motor capacity
Durability Mechanical
(x10K times)
Durability Electrical (AC-3)
(x10K times)
Durability Opening and closing frequency
After adding coil capacity
After adding coil capacity
After coil consumption power is turned on
After adding coil current
Ambient Operating Temperature Min
Ambient Operating Temperature Max
Min relative humidity
Max relative humidity
13 Day(s) or more -0.2/1.2AC200Three-Phase[Other] 1a1b x 2PSE18413911021.2--5001001200388.22.841-5404585
9 Day(s) or more -0.4/2.2AC200Three-Phase[Other] 1a1b x 2PSE18413911022.2--5001001200388.22.841-5404585
13 Day(s) or more -0.75/3.6AC200Three-Phase[Other] 1a1b x 2PSE18413911023.6--5001001200388.22.841-5404585
20 Day(s) or more -1.1/5AC200Three-Phase[Other] 1a1b x 2PSE18413911025--5001001200388.22.841-5404585
15 Day(s) or more -1.5/6.7AC200Three-Phase[Other] 1a1b x 2PSE18413911026.7--5001001200388.22.841-5404585
9 Day(s) or more -2.2/9AC200Three-Phase[Other] 1a1b x 2PSE18413911029--5001001200388.22.841-5404585
15 Day(s) or more 5.5/125.5/22AC200Three-Phase[Other] 2a2b x 2PSE232215126322--10001001200140145.270-5404585
15 Day(s) or more 7.5/157.5/30AC200Three-Phase[Other] 2a2b x 2PSE232215126330--10001001200140145.270-5404585
25 Day(s) or more 11/2211/42AC200Three-Phase[Other] 2a2b x 2PSE337269151342--50010012002142210110-5404585


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Basic Information

Operating Method Reversible with Case

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