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MOS FET relayG3VM-202J1

MOS FET relayG3VM-202J1
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· A MOSFET thin, flat type small outline package, eight-pin mini relay with a height of 2.1 mm.
· The load voltage 200V series now also includes a two-channel type. SOP8-pin.
· Continuous load current: 200mA.
· The withstand voltage between the input and output is 1500Vrms.


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Part Number

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MOS FET Relay SOP 8-Pin Multi-Polar Contact Configuration Type G3VM-202J1 Specifications

MOS FET Relay G3VM-202J1: related images

G3VM-202J1 external appearance

MOS FET Relay G3VM-202J1: related images

Surface mount terminal dimensional drawing

MOS FET Relay G3VM-202J1: related images

Surface-mount terminal mounting pad dimensional drawing (recommended values)

Common items/Units: mm

  • The actual product is marked differently from the image shown here.

G3VM-202J1 Types

ShapeContact ConfigurationTerminal TypeLoad Voltage
(Maximum) *
Continuous Load Current
(Maximum) *
SOP82aSurface Mount Terminal200 V200 mAModel G3VM-202J1

*Continuous load current (maximum), load voltage (maximum): represents peak AC/DC.

G3VM-202J1 Absolute Maximum Rating (Ta = 25°C)

ItemsSymbolsModel G3VM-202J1UnitConditions
Input SideLED Forward CurrentIF50mA-
DC Forward Current Reduction RateΔIF/°C-0.5mA/°CTa ≧ 25°C
LED Reverse VoltageVR5V-
Junction TemperatureTJ125°C-
Output SideLoad Voltage (Peak AC/DC)VOFF200V-
Continuous Load Current (Peak AC/DC)IO200mA-
On Current Reduction RateΔIO/°C-2.0mA/°CTa ≧ 25°C
Pulse On CurrentIOp600mAt = 100 ms, Duty = 1/10
Junction TemperatureTJ125°C-
Input-Output Withstand Voltage (Note 1)VI-O1,500VrmsAC for 1 min
Ambient Operating TemperatureTa-40 to +85°CAssuming No Condensation or Freezing
Storage TemperatureTstg-55 to +125°C
Soldering Temperature Conditions-260°C10 s

(Note 1): The input-output withstand voltage was measured by applying voltage between all pins as a group on the LED side and all pins as a group on the light-receiving side.

G3VM-202J1 Electrical Performance (Ta = 25°C)

ItemsSymbols-Model G3VM-202J1UnitConditions
Input SideLED Forward VoltageVFMinimum1.0VIF = 10 mA
Reverse CurrentIRMaximum10μAVR = 5 V
Capacity Between TerminalsCTStandard30pFV = 0, f = 1 MHz
Trigger LED Forward CurrentIFT
(Note 3)
Standard1mAIO = Continuous Load Current Rated Value
Return LED Forward CurrentIFC
(Note 3)
Minimum0.1mAIOFF = 100 μA
Output SideMaximum Output On ResistanceRONStandard5ΩIF = 5 mA, IO = Continuous Load Current Rated Value
Leakage Current With Open CircuitILEAKMaximum1μAVOFF = Load Voltage Rated Value
Capacity Between TerminalsCOFFStandard100pFV = 0, f = 1 MHz
Input-Output CapacityCI-OStandard0.8pFf = 1 MHz, VS = 0 V
Input-Output Capacity and Insulation ResistanceRI-OMinimum1,000VI-O = 500 V DC, ROH ≦ 60%
Turn-ON TimetONStandard0.6msIF = 5 mA, RL = 200 Ω,
VDD = 20 V (Note 2)
Turn-OFF TimetOFFStandard0.1
MOS FET Relay G3VM-202J1: related images

Absolute maximum rating electrical drawing
(Note 2): Turn ON / Turn OFF time
(Note 3): With b-contact type

G3VM-202J1 Recommended Operating Conditions

In order to ensure it can be used with a high level of reliability, the Recommended Operating Conditions are indicators that take into account the derating of the maximum ratings.
Each item is a standalone condition. Multiple conditions are not fulfilled at the same time.

ItemsSymbols-Model G3VM-202J1Unit
Load Voltage (Peak AC/DC)VDDMaximum200V
Operating LED Forward CurrentIFMinimum5mA
Continuous Load Current (Peak AC/DC)IOMaximum130
Operating TemperatureTaMinimum-20°C

G3VM-202J1 Insulated Structure Dimensions

Creepage Distance4.0mm
Clearance Distance4.0
Insulation Thickness0.1
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship
Available 9 Day(s) or more


  1. 1

Basic Information

Application For Signals Contact Configuration 2a Latch function NA
Terminal shape For Circuit Boards Safety standards UL Dimension height(mm) 2.1
Dimension width(mm) 7 Dimension depth(mm) 9.4 Shape SOP8
Terminal Type Surface mount Number of Terminals(Piece) 8 Load voltage (peak AC/DC)(V) 200
Operation LED forward current IF (Typ)(mA) 7.5

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part G3VM-202J1 in the MOS FET relayG3VM-202J1 series.

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