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Mini Power Relay, Plug-in Terminal Type G2R-□-S

Mini Power Relay, Plug-in Terminal Type G2R-□-S
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· Latching lever-attached series for relay circuit check added to model G2R relays.
· Cadmium-free, lead-free.
· General purpose power relays 1-pole 10A, 2-pole 5A.
· Safe design with coil contact voltage resistance 5,000V, surge resistance 10,000V.
· By changing AC/DC coil tape color.
· Improve AC/DC specification identifiability.
· Added model G2R (S) with latching lever for convenient circuit check.
· Latching lever uses.
· Operation check, etc. on relay sequence circuits.


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Part Number

Configured Part Number is shown.

Part Number
G2R-1-S AC24
G2R-1-S AC100/(110)
G2R-1-S AC200/(220)
G2R-1-S DC5
G2R-1-S DC12
G2R-1-S DC24
G2R-1-SD DC24
G2R-1-SN AC100/(110)
G2R-1-SN AC200/(220)
G2R-1-SN DC12
G2R-1-SN DC24
G2R-1-SND DC12
G2R-1-SND DC24
G2R-2-S AC24
G2R-2-S AC100/(110)
G2R-2-S AC200/(220)
G2R-2-S DC5
G2R-2-S DC12
G2R-2-S DC24
G2R-2-SD DC12
G2R-2-SD DC24
G2R-2-SD DC100
G2R-2-SN AC24
G2R-2-SN AC100/(110)
G2R-2-SN AC200/(220)
G2R-2-SN DC12
G2R-2-SN DC24
G2R-2-SND DC12
G2R-2-SND DC24
G2R-2-SND DC48
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipContact Configuration Contact rated current (minimum value for AC and DC)
Coil rated voltage (DC)
Coil rated voltage (AC)
Dimension height
Classification Operation Indicator Lamp
Same day 1c10-2429Standard TypeNA
Same day 1c10-100/11029Standard TypeNA
Same day 1c10-200/22029Standard TypeNA
Same day 1c105-29Standard TypeNA
Same day 1c1012-29Standard TypeNA
Same day 1c1024-29Standard TypeNA
Same day 1c1024-29Built-in diode typeNA
Same day 1c10-100/11029Standard TypeAvailable
Same day 1c10-200/22029Standard TypeAvailable
Same day 1c1012-29Standard TypeAvailable
Same day 1c1024-29Standard TypeAvailable
Same day 1c105-29Built-in diode typeAvailable
Same day 1c1012-29Built-in diode typeAvailable
Same day 1c1024-29Built-in diode typeAvailable
Available 11 Day(s) or more 2c5-2428Standard TypeNA
Same day 2c5-100/11028Standard TypeNA
Same day 2c5-200/22028Standard TypeNA
Same day 2c55-28Standard TypeNA
Same day 2c512-28Standard TypeNA
Same day 2c524-28Standard TypeNA
Same day 2c512-28Built-in diode typeNA
Same day 2c524-28Built-in diode typeNA
Same day 2c5100-28Built-in diode typeNA
Same day 2c5-2428Standard TypeAvailable
Same day 2c5-100/11028Standard TypeAvailable
Same day 2c5-200/22028Standard TypeAvailable
Same day 2c512-28Standard TypeAvailable
Same day 2c524-28Standard TypeAvailable
Same day 2c55-28Built-in diode typeAvailable
Same day 2c512-28Built-in diode typeAvailable
Same day 2c524-28Built-in diode typeAvailable
Available 11 Day(s) or more 2c548-28Built-in diode typeAvailable


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Basic Information

Application Power Latch function NA Terminal shape Socket / plug-in
Representative Standard CE / UL / CSA Dimension width(mm) 13 Dimension depth(mm) 29
Latching Relay NA Upper Case Surface Mounting × Contact mechanism Single
Protective Structure In-Case Type

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