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Mini Relay G5V-2

Mini Relay G5V-2

· A general purpose, affordable, two pole relay for signals with a general purpose DIL terminal array.
· Features a wide contact switching region of 10 μA to 2 A.
· A sealed plastic type. Equipped as standard with crossbar twin contacts.
· High environmental resistance and high reliability.
· FCCpart68 compliant (1,500V, 10 × 160 μs) for between coil-contacts and between identical polarity-contacts.
· High withstand voltage of AC100V between coil-contacts and AC750V between identical polarity contacts.
· UL, CSA certified.
· 150mWtypes also available.


Japanese Only

Signal Relay Specifications

Model G5V-2 external appearance

Model G5V-2 external appearance

Model G5V-2 dimensional outline drawing

Model G5V-2 dimensional outline drawing

  • *Average dimensions.
PCB processing dimensions

PCB processing dimensions

The dimensional tolerance is ±0.1 mm.

Terminal layout/schematics

Terminal layout/schematics

There is no coil polarity.

Ratings, Operational Coil

Rated Voltage
Rated Current
Coil Resistance
Operating Voltage
Release Voltage
Maximum Allowable Voltage
Power Consumption (mW)
DC3166.71875% or Less5% or More120%
(at 23°C)
Approx. 500
48124,000Approx. 580
DC530166.775% or Less5% or More180%
(at 23°C)
Approx. 150
248.332,880Approx. 200
(at 23°C)
Approx. 300

Note 1: The rated current and coil resistance are measured at a coil temperature of +23°C and a tolerance of 10%.
Note 2: The operating characteristics are measured at a coil temperature of +23°C.
Note 3: The maximum allowable voltage is the maximum voltage that can be applied to a relay coil.

Switching Part (Contact Part)

Standard TypeUltra-High-Sensitivity Type
Resistance Load
Contact Touching MechanismCrossbar Twin Contacts
Contact MaterialAu Alloy + Ag
Rated Load125 V AC 0.5 A, 30 V DC 2 A125 V AC 0.5 A, 24 V DC 1 A
Rated Conduction Current2 A
Maximum Contact Voltage Value125 V AC, 125 V DC
Maximum Contact Current Value2 A1 A


ItemsClassificationStandard TypeUltra-High-Sensitivity Type
Contact Resistance *150 mΩ or Less100 mΩ or Less
Turn-ON Time7 ms or Less
Turn-OFF Time3 ms or Less
Insulation Resistance *21,000 MΩ or More (500 V DC Megohmmeter)
Withstand VoltageBetween Coil and Contact1,000 V AC 50/60 Hz 1 min
Between Contacts of Same Polarity750 V AC 50/60 Hz 1 min500 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 1 min
Between Contacts of Different Polarities1,000 V AC 50/60 Hz 1 min
VibrationDurability10 to 55 to 10 Hz, Semi Amplitude 0.75 mm (Double Amplitude 1.5 mm)
Malfunction10 to 55 to 10 Hz, Semi Amplitude 0.75 mm (Double Amplitude 1.5 mm)
Shock / ImpactDurability1,000 m/s2
Malfunction200 m/s2100 m/s2
DurabilityMechanical15,000,000 Times or More (Switching Frequency: 36,000 Times/h)
Electrical100,000 Times or More (Switching Frequency: 1,800 Times/h)AC 100,000 Times or More, DC 300,000 Times or More (Switching Frequency: 1,800 Times/h)
Failure Rate P Level (Reference Value *3)DC 10 mV 10 μA
Ambient Operating Temperature-25 to +65°C
(Assuming No Freezing or Condensation)
-25 to +70°C
(Assuming No Freezing or Condensation)
Operating Ambient Humidity5 to 85% RH
WeightApprox. 5 g

Note: The above values are the initial default values.
*1. Measurement conditions: 1 V DC 10 mA, voltage drop method.
*2. Measurement conditions: Measuring the same spot for the withstand voltage items using a 500 V DC insulation resistance meter.
*3. This value is obtained with a switching frequency of 120 times/min. and a contact resistance failure value of 50 Ω.
These values may vary depending on switching frequency and operating conditions, meaning it is always recommended to double-check under actual load conditions.

Part Number
G5V-2 DC5
G5V-2 DC12
G5V-2 DC24
G5V-2-H1 DC5
G5V-2-H1 DC12
G5V-2-H1 DC24
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipRoHSCoil rated voltage (DC)
Classification DC rated load
Same day 105Standard TypeDC30/2
Same day 1012Standard TypeDC30/2
Same day 1024Standard TypeDC30/2
Same day 105Ultra-high-sensitivity typeDC24/1 DC30/2
Same day 1012Ultra-high-sensitivity typeDC24/1 DC30/2
Same day 1024Ultra-high-sensitivity typeDC24/1 DC30/2


  1. 1

Basic Information

Application For Signals Contact Configuration 2c Latch function NA
Terminal shape For Circuit Boards Contact rated current (minimum value for AC and DC)(A) 0.5 Dimension height(mm) 11.5
Dimension width(mm) 10.1 Dimension depth(mm) 20.5 Protective Structure Plastic seal type
Contact mechanism Crossbar twin Circuit Board Mounting Circuit Board Hole Insertion AC rated load(V)/(A) AC125/0.5

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