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Grooveless Tap Series Carbide New Roll Tap OT-NRT

Grooveless Tap Series Carbide New Roll Tap OT-NRT

Ideal for tapping in large amounts with high precision automatic machines, etc. in aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, copper alloys, etc.

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipNominal Pitch, Number of Threads
Number of Chamfered Threads L
Precision Length Under Neck
Link Diameter
Thread Length Tool No.
9 Day(s) or more M30.52P46RH5194118315055
9 Day(s) or more M40.72P52RH6215138315061
9 Day(s) or more M50.82P60RH6245.5168315067
9 Day(s) or more M612P62RH7296198315073
9 Day(s) or more M81.252P70RH7-6.2228315085
9 Day(s) or more M101.52P75RH7-7248315097
9 Day(s) or more M101.252P75RH7-7248315103
9 Day(s) or more M121.52P82RH7-8.5298315121
9 Day(s) or more M121.252P82RH7-8.5298315127
9 Day(s) or more M121.752P82RH8-8.5298315115
9 Day(s) or more M30.54P46RH5194118315054
9 Day(s) or more M40.74P52RH6215138315060
9 Day(s) or more M50.84P60RH6245.5168315066
9 Day(s) or more M614P62RH7296198315072
9 Day(s) or more M81.254P70RH7-6.2228315084
9 Day(s) or more M101.54P75RH7-7248315096
9 Day(s) or more M101.254P75RH7-7248315102
9 Day(s) or more M121.54P82RH7-8.5298315120
9 Day(s) or more M121.254P82RH7-8.5298315126
9 Day(s) or more M121.754P82RH8-8.5298315114


  1. 1

Basic Information

Thread Types Meter Tool Material Type Carbide Work Material Low-Carbon Steel (C Content of 0.25% or Less) / Copper (Cu) / Brass (Bs) / Brass Cast Iron (BsC) / Rolled Aluminum Material (AL) / Cast Aluminum Alloy (AC, ADC) / Zinc Alloy Castings (ZDC)
Tap Model Rolled Tap Bore Model For Through Holes / For Blind Holes Coating Presence None
Coating Type Non-Coated

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