Heat-Blocking Flap for Helmets, Mr. Refreshing 2

Heat-Blocking Flap for Helmets, Mr. Refreshing 2

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· Attach to helmet when working in hot sunlight to easily cool the neck.
· Made from a special polymer that cools using vaporization heat after immersing in water for just 2 minutes.
· Material made from special fibers cuts 60% of ultraviolet rays and the use of external heat insulation also shields the neck from heat.
· Hygienically reusable due to the antimicrobial and deodorizing effect of the mesh material on the inside.
· Mass after 2 minutes water absorption: approximately 90 g
· Amount of water absorbed: 74 g (immersed in water for 2 minutes)
· Surface material: metallic processing that blocks 60% of UV rays
· Composition: high moisture absorbing fibers converted from sodium polyacrylate polymer to fiber form
· Effective when used after immersing in water for approximately 2 minutes until enough water has been absorbed.
· Attach to helmet to use.
· As a measure against heat stroke.
· Effective for use when wearing a helmet and working in hot sunlight.


  • Helmet not included.
  • Store in low humidity conditions. To remove dirt, wash the surface lightly with a kitchen sponge, etc.

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Part Number : SOUKAIKUN2
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