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Hand Tap HT (Cutting Tap)

Hand Tap HT (Cutting Tap)

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Hand tap used for general tapping work.
・ High blade tip strength makes it easy for regrinding.
・ More suitable for manual work compared to taps of other shapes.
・ 2 types are available, with 5P or 1.5P chamfered threads.
・ When machining a blind hole manually, finish machining with 1.5P is recommended after first machining with 5P.
・ Machining with mechanical machinery is also possible.
・ Has straight grooves out of consideration for cutting chip stow.
・ Suitable for work materials whose cutting chips are powder or small coiled close to the powder.
・ Ideal for threading SPC/SPH and other thin plates or SS400/S20 or below mild steel.


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Part Number

Configured Part Number is shown.

Part Number
Part NumberMinimum order quantityVolume DiscountDays to ShipScrew Types Nominal Pitch, Number of Threading
Chamfer threads Overall Length (L)
Class Thread Length
Length under neck
Shank diameter (Ds)
Shank square width (K)
Shank square part length
Number of Grooves Shape
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more MeterM10.255P36P14.5-32.553a
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more MeterM1.20.21.5P36P13.6-32.553a
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more MeterM1.20.255P36P14.5-32.553a
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more MeterM20.251.5P42P14.51232.553c
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more MeterM2.60.455P46P18.11432.553c
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unifiedNo.0805P36P16.3-32.553b
1 Piece(s) Same day MeterM30.55P46P291432.553c
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more Sewing Machine9/64405P52P211175473c
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unified1/4321.5P62P2152664.574c
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unified1/4201.5P62P2152664.574c
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unifiedNo.8321.5P60P213215.54.574c
1 Piece(s) Same day unifiedNo.8325P60P213215.54.574c
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unifiedNo.10245P60P213225.54.574c
1 Piece(s) Same day MeterM1211.5P82P326-8.56.594e
1 Piece(s) Same day MeterM1215P82P326-8.56.594e
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more MeterM2515P125P320-1915184e
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more MeterM251.55P125P339-1915184e
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more MeterM3215P145P321-24192248
1 Piece(s) Same day MeterM81.251.5P70P319-6.2583e
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unified5/16181.5P70P319-6.2584e
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unified5/16185P70P319-6.2584e
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unified3/8241.5P75P323-75.584e
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unified3/8245P75P323-75.584e
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unified9/16125P95P326-12.510134e
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unified3/4161.5P105P333-1512154e
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unifiedNo.10325P60P313225.54.574c
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more MeterM331.51.5P145P446-25192247
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more MeterM361.51.5P155P426-28212448
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unified5/8111.5P95P426-12.510134e
1 Piece(s) 9 Day(s) or more unified3/4101.5P105P433-1512154e


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Basic Information

Tool Material Type High-speed steel work material Medium carbon steel (carbon content 0.25 to 0.45%) / High Carbon Steel (C with a content over 0.45%) / Quenched and tempered steel (25 to 35 HRC) / Tool Steel (Before SKD Hardening) / Steel casting (SC) / Cast Iron (FC) / Ductile Cast Iron (FCD) / Brass (Bs) / Brass cast iron (BsC) / Aluminum Alloy Casting (AC, ADC) / Zinc Alloy Casting (ZDC) Tap Type Hand Tap
Hole type For through hole / For blind hole Coating Y/N NA

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