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Clear Wide-Mouth Bottle (Transparent PVC Type)【1-488 Pieces Per Package】

Clear Wide-Mouth Bottle (Transparent PVC Type)

A transparent plastic container made of PVC resin.
· Material: Inner lid: LDPE (low density polyethylene); Lid: PP (polypropylene); Base unit: Hard PVC (vinyl chloride resin).
· Not marked with a scale.

Vinyl Chloride Resin (PVC) Clear Wide-Mouth Bottle

Clear Wide-Mouth Bottle (Transparent PVC): related images

Size Table Of Vinyl Chloride Resin (PVC) Clear Wide-Mouth Bottle

Part No.CapacityOpening Inner Diameter × Body Diameter × Overall Height (mm)QuantityNote / JAN Code
5-031-01100 mLø33.2 × ø48.2 × 80.51 pc. included4562470251390
5-031-02250 mLø43.1 × ø60.8 × 118.51 pc. included4562470251406
5-031-03500 mLø47 × ø80 × 1451 pc. included4562470251413
5-031-041 Lø59 × ø96.5 × 1801 pc. included4562470251420
5-031-51100 mLø33.2 × ø48.2 × 80.5488 pcs. included 
5-031-52250 mLø43.1 × ø60.8 × 118.5189 pcs. included 
5-031-53500 mLø47 × ø80 × 145100 pcs. included 
5-031-541 Lø59 × ø96.5 × 18052 pcs. included 

Dimensional Outline Drawing Of Clear Wide-Mouth Bottle

Clear Wide-Mouth Bottle (Transparent PVC): related images

● Dimensional outline drawing

(Unit: mm)

-01100 mL41.
-02250 mL50.548.541.360.8118.5
-03500 mL55.553.547.080.0145.0
-041 L70.567.059.096.5180.0

Vinyl Chloride PVC Chemical-Resistance Performance List

◎: No effect at all or almost no effect. △: Do not use if at all possible.
○: It has some effect, but it can withstand use sufficiently depending on the conditions.× : It is not appropriate because it has a significant effect.
* The concentration of aqueous solution is in a saturated state so long as there are no abnormalities.
* The chemical resistance list is ultimately a list of reference values for rough estimations, so during actual use, do so after confirming with practical testing using a test piece or the like.

 Chemical NameConcentration Wt. % / Temperature °CSoftHard
Hydrochloric Acid10/RT
Hydrochloric Acid20/RT
Hydrochloric Acid20/80×
Hydrochloric Acid38/RT
Aqua Regia ×
Perchloric Acid 
Chromic Acid2/70
Chromic Acid5/70
Chromic Acid10/70
Chromic Acid25/70
Chlorosulfonic Acid ×
Acid Pickling SolutionNitric Acid 20% + Hydrofluoric Acid 4%
Acid Pickling SolutionSulfuric Acid 40% + Nitric Acid 15%
Hypochlorous Acid 
Hydrocyanic Acid 
Hydrobromic Acid20/RT○△
Hydrobromic Acid20/70
Hydrobromic Acid37/RT×
Nitric Acid10/RT
Nitric Acid10/70○△
Nitric Acid30/RT
Nitric Acid30/70××
Nitric AcidSmoke Emission/RT×
Nitric Acid61.3/RT×
Carbonic Acid 
Arsenic Acid 
Fluorosilicic Acid 
Hydrofluoric Acid10/RT
Hydrofluoric Acid20/RT
Hydrofluoric Acid40/RT×
Fluoroboric Acid 
Boric Acid 
Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid ×
Sulfuric Acid10/RT
Sulfuric Acid10/70×○△
Sulfuric Acid30/RT
Sulfuric Acid30/70×
Sulfuric Acid98/RT×
Sulfuric AcidSmoke Emission/RT××
Phosphoric Acid50/RT
Phosphoric Acid50/70
Phosphoric Acid75/RT
Ammonia (Anhydrous) 
Ammonia GasCold
Ammonia GasHot×
Liquid Ammonia 
Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide)10/RT
Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide)30/RT
Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide)30/70×
Ammonium Hydroxide (Ammonium Water)28%
Potassium Hydroxide 
Calcium Hydroxide 
Barium Hydroxide 
Magnesium Hydroxide 
Ethyl acrylate ××
Butyl acrylate ××
Acrylonitrile ×
Ethyl Acetoacetate ××
Acetone ××
Aniline ××
 Chemical NameConcentration Wt. % / Temperature °CSoftHard
Anone = Cyclohexanone 
Amyl Alcohol 
Amyl Naphthalene 
Benzyl Benzoate 
Isooctane ××
Isobutyl Alcohol ×
Isopropyl Alcohol ×
Isopropyl Ether ×
Ether (Diethyl Ether) 
Ethanolamine ××
Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) ×
Ethyl Ether = Diethyl Ether 
Ethyl Cellulose ×
Ethylbenzene ××
Ethylene Oxide ××
Ethylene Glycol ×
Ethylene Chlorohydrin ××
Ethylenediamine ××
Epichlorohydrin ××
Ethyl Chloride ××
Benzine Chloride ×
Methyl Chloride ××
Chlorinated Solvent ××
Octyl Alcohol ×
Oleic Acid 
Carbitol ×
Formic Acid25/RT
Formic Acid50/RT×
Formic Acid90/RT×
Xylene ××
Citric Acid 
Chloroacetone ××
Cholorotoluene ××
Chloronaphthalene ××
Chloroform ××
Silicate Ester 
Ethyl Silicate ×
Acetic Acid10/RT
Acetic Acid50/RT×
Acetic Acid50/70×○△
Acetic Acid100/RT×
Amyl Acetate ××
Isopropyl Acetate ××
Ethyl Acetate ××
Cellosolve Acetate ××
Butyl Acetate ××
Propyl Acetate ××
Methyl Acetate ××
Salicylic Acid 
Diphenyl Oxide ×
Diisopropyl Ketone ××
Diethyl Ether ×
Diethyl Sebacate ×
Tetraethyllead ○△
Diethylene Glycol ×
Carbon Tetrachloride ××
Dioxane ××
Dioctyl Sebacate ××
Dioctyl Phthalate ××
Cyclohexanol ××
Cyclohexanone (Anone) ××
Cyclohexane ××
Dichlorobenzene ×
Part Number
Part NumberNumber of pc(s). included in pkg.Volume DiscountDays to ShipCapacity Full height
Body Diameter
(φ mm)
Mouth Inner Diam.
(φ mm)
Manufacturer Product Name JAN Code Material Footnotes Amount Of Content
11 Day(s) or more 500mL146φ80φ47Clear Wide-Mouth Bottle (Transparent PVC Type) 500 mL4562470250331Inner lid: LDPE (low density polyethylene); Lid: PP (polypropylene); base unit: Hard PVC (vinyl chloride resin)Not marked with a scale.1 pc.

100 Pieces Per Package

16 Day(s) or more 500mL146φ80φ47Wide-mouthed Bottle, Box Selling, 500 mL, Pack of 100-Inner lid: LDPE (low density polyethylene); Lid: PP (polypropylene); base unit: Hard PVC (vinyl chloride resin)Not marked with a scale.1 Pack (100 pcs)


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