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Lightweight Rack, Height 1,800 mm / 2,100 mm 3-5633-01

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Lightweight Rack, Height 1,800 mm / 2,100 mm
Part Number: 3-5633-01

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Quantity: 1 unit
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Shelf supporting 1,200, 1,500 and 1,800 mm frontage sink and laboratory testing bench. Offers excellent ventilation, ideal for drying and storing glassware. Shelf boards have excellent durability with rustproofing antibacterial clear coating.


  • Connecting type
    Standalone Type
  • Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Product Type
    Lightweight Type (Up to 200 kg)
  • Size(mm)
  • Manufacturer Product Name
    Lab Shelf AS1520/RA1890
  • Manufacturer Model Number
  • Shelf Material
    Soft Steel Wire (SWRM8-10)
  • Post material
    ø25.4 mm Stainless Steel (SUS304) Pipe
  • Surface Material
    Nickel chrome plating
  • Features
    Shelf for opening 1,200/1,500/1,800 mm sink/lab table. Has excellent ventilation. Suitable for drying and storing glassware. Shelf panel has anti-rust processing and anti-bacterial clear coating, and offers excellent durability.
  • Footnotes
  • Shelf Load Capacity((kg)/stage)
    150 (distributed load)
  • Shelf Board Adjustment(mm)
    25.4 Pitch

Product Specifications

Lab Shelf Features

Lab shelf external appearance (3-5633-02)

Lab shelf external appearance (3-5633-02)

Lab shelf dimensional drawing

Lab shelf dimensional drawing

Part NumberABCDEF

3-5633-02 specifications
Material: Shelf board / soft steel wire (SWRM8 to 10), surface / nickel chrome plating, post / ø25.4 (diameter 25.4 mm) stainless steel (SUS304) pipe
Shelf load resistance: 150 kg/level (distributed load)
Shelf adjustment: 25.4 mm pitch
Size: 1,289 × 359 × 1,890 mm

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