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TFVM-50C08-800 Mirror

TFVM-50C08-800 Mirror

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· Use a 0° to 45° dielectric multilayer mirror if using mirrors with an incident angle of 45° or less, such as with Michelson interferometers or optical systems that make light reflect between two mirrors, etc.
· Can be used with a mirror and high reflectance can be obtained when using at incidence angles of 0° or 45°.
· Provides very high reflectance when the incident angle is 0° to 45°.
· It can also be used as a broadband mirror when the incident angle is fixed.
· Because the film is not absorbent, it does not change over time and can withstand continuous laser irradiation.
· A surface accuracy guaranteed mirror (HTFM) that guarantees its surface accuracy after coating is also available.
· * Reflection wavelength characteristics may vary depending on the polarization state of incident beams for dielectric multi-layer film.
· * P polarization has lower reflectance and a narrower reflection band than S polarization.
· * When used at incompatible wavelengths, the reflectance may decrease.
· * If the incident angle is added, wavelength reflectance characteristics also vary depending on the polarization condition.
· * Reflectance characteristics at incident angle of 45° are expressed as the average reflectance values of P polarization and S polarization.
[Product Specifications]
· [<0° - 45° Multi-Layered Dielectric Flat Mirror for Incidence> Common Specifications]
· Material: BK7
· Coating: Dielectric Multilayer Film
· Incidence Angle: 0° – 45°
· Substrate Surface Accuracy: λ/10
· Parallelism: < 3'
· Scratch-Dig: 10-5
· Effective Diameter: 90% of External Diameter
· [Individual Specifications]
· Compatible Wavelength: 780 to 830 nm
· Outer diameter φD: φ50 mm
· Thickness t: 8 mm
· Reflectance: >99%
· Laser Yield Strength: 0.5 J/cm2
· Rear Surface: Polished Surface
· * Laser Pulse Width 10 ns, Repetition Frequency 20 Hz

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