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DFSQ1-50C02-1500 Diffuser Panel 61-6881-90

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DFSQ1-50C02-1500 Diffuser Panel
Part Number: 61-6881-90

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· Frost type diffusion plates diffuse irradiated light over an extremely wide range and are effective in smoothing the luminance distribution of the original light source.
· Also usable to prevent image formation of the light source filament, to enlarge the irradiation range of directive lighting, and as a screen.
· This element has a frosted glass-like finish which is achieved by scrubbing the polished face with fine grains of sand.
· The diameter of the sand particle gets finer as the numeral for the sand number (#) gets larger.
· BK7 type for visible range to near infrared range and synthetic quartz type that can also be used for ultraviolet range are available.
· * When using as a screen, incidence should occur from the sanded surface side.
· * If light enters from the back side, ghosting is generated in the image via the 4% reflection on the back side.
[Product Specifications]
· [ Common Specifications]
· Material: DFB1: BK7 DFSQ1: Synthetic Quartz
· Faced Surface: Sanded surface covered in sand of a given sand number (specific particle diameter)
· Faced Surface: Polished face (surface accuracy roughly 4λ)
· Compatible Wavelength: DFB1: 400 to 2000 nm, BFSQ1: 200 to 2000 nm
· Effective Diameter: 90% of External Diameter
· [Individual Specifications]
· Material: Synthetic Quartz
· Outer diameter φD: φ50 mm
· Sand Surface Roughness (sand no.): #1500

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