GRF-50S-530G Filter

GRF-50S-530G Filter

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· A filter used for transmitting specific wavelengths in the blue to green wavelength range while cutting the rest of the visible wavelength range.
· Used to extract either blue or green light from white light, or to extract a specific wavelength of radiation from radiation with multiple wavelengths.
· Filters with various types of center wavelengths and spectral widths are available in a range from 370 nm to 550 nm.
· It can be used to extract emission lines of a specific wavelength from various emission line lamps.
· By inserting a filter in a microscope, camera, etc., the contrast of the subject can sometimes be improved. A band pass filter (VPF) with a narrower band is also available.
· An interference filter is also available (YIF) which possesses high transmittance.
· * The absorption wavelength range cannot be used with high power lasers and high energy pulsed lasers.
· * Anti-reflection coating is not processed on both surfaces.
· * There is a transmittance loss of approximately 10% due to reflected light from both sides.
· * The green filter (GRF) cannot obtain clear and high transmittance characteristics due to the characteristics of glass.
· * Use an interference filter (YIF) when a high transmittance is required.
[Product Specifications]
· Color Tone: Green
· Center Wavelength: 526 nm
· Center Transmittance: >15%
· Short Wavelength Side End Wavelength: 452 nm
· Short Wavelength Side Edge Transmittance: < 0.1%
· Long Wavelength Side End Wavelength: 615 nm
· Long Wavelength Side End Transmittance: < 0.1%
· Average Transmittance (Long Wavelength Side Edge to 700 nm): < 0.1%

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