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PBSW-12.7-3/7 Splitter

PBSW-12.7-3/7 Splitter

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· A polarization beam splitter with a broadened wavelength bandwidth which makes separation by polarization possible.
· It can be used for experiments that use multi-wavelength lasers and continuous spectrum light sources.
· By transmitting P polarized light and reflecting S polarized light, the polarization of incident light can be divided into orthogonal components.
· Dielectric multilayer film is used for the coating, so loss of light intensity is minimal, allowing effective polarized light separation.
· Cube type, so if the beam is input vertically, the optical axis of the output light will not move in parallel. Also, even if a beam that is the same size as the effective diameter is incident, the transmitted light and reflected light will not be lost or reduced.
· In combination with a polarizing plate, or a wideband half-wave plate, a variable light quantity branching device can be constructed which is independent of wavelength.
· A Glan-Thompson prism (GTPC) with high extinction ratio is also available.
· * Transmittance and extinction ratio characteristics may vary if light enters from the prism side not marked with a ○.
· * The extinction ratio of reflected light is slightly worse than the extinction ratio of transmitted light.
· * Due to the impact of the refractive index of the material and thickness of the glass, wavelength dispersion occurs for transmitted light and reflected light. Also, chromatic aberration and spherical aberration may occur when convergent beam or divergent beam is incident.
[Product Specifications]
· [ Common Specifications]
· Material: BK7, SK2, SF15, Synthetic Quartz
· Base Material Surface Accuracy: λ/4
· Transmitted Beam Deflection Angle: < 10'
· Coating: Inclined Surface Dielectric Multilayer Film, 4 Sides Anti-Reflective Film
· Incidence Angle: 0°
· Laser Yield Strength (Reference Value): 0.3 J/cm2 (Pulse Width 10 ns, Repetition Frequency 20 Hz)
· Scratch-Dig: 20-10
· Effective range: Circle inscribed in the square that makes up 85% of the external diameter
· [Individual Specifications]
· Compatible Wavelength: 380 to 750 nm
· A=B=C: 12.7 mm
· Material: SK2
· P Polarization Transmittance: > 92% average
· S Polarization Reflectance: > 95% average
· Transmission Extinction Ratio Ts:Tp: 1:500 *
· * The transmittance and extinction ratio averaged over the compatible wavelength region.

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