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GLP2-20-42.3SN Prism

GLP2-20-42.3SN Prism

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· A polarizer which increases the laser durability when used with high-output lasers or high-energy pulse lasers.
· There is little transmission loss, and a high extinction ratio of 5 x 10^-5 or less can be obtained.
· Calcite type used from the visible region to the infrared region and α-BBO crystal type used in the ultraviolet region are also available.
· The two prisms are joined with only a small gap (air gap).
· Therefore, absorption due to adhesive and degradation of laser strength will not occur.
· The Glan laser prism is contained in a metal frame.
· Polarized components that didn't permeate the prism pass through the port (hole) in the metallic frame to the exterior.
· Because there are two ports, the incident and emission directions can be switched for use.
· A single layer of antireflection film coating has been applied to the surface of the Glan laser prism, achieving high transmittance.
· Glan-Thompson prism GTPB/GTPC and Wollaston prism WPPB/WPPC with wide permissible angles are also available.
· If a permissible angle is required, check the specification.
· * The extinction ratio of linearly polarized transmittance light will also change if the incident angle is changed.
· * Calcite is a natural crystal, and as such each one has its own individual characteristics with variations in quality.
[Product Specifications]
· [ Common Specifications]
· Material: α-BBO, Calcite
· Beam Deflection Angle: < 3'
· Wave-Front Accuracy: λ/4
· Coating: MgF2 Single Layer Anti-reflective Coating
· Laser Yield Strength: 2 J/cm2 (Pulse Width 10 ns)
· Scratch-Dig: 20-10
· Protective Frame Materials: Aluminum (Surface Processing: Black Alumite)
· [Individual Specifications]
· Compatible Wavelength: 350 to 2,300 nm
· Extinction Ratio: < 5 x 10^-5
· φA: φ20 mm
· φD X L: 38 X 42.3 mm

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