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OPCF-30C02-P Ultraviolet/Infrared Aperture Plate

OPCF-30C02-P Ultraviolet/Infrared Aperture Plate

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· Calcium fluoride (CaF2) is a crystal with excellent transmission characteristics across a wide wavelength region from vacuum UV (130 nm) to near infrared (8 μm).
· A wide band window that uses this CaF2.
· A CaF2 window plate (OPCFU) is also available for use over the ultraviolet-infrared region due to its high transmittance characteristics in the ultraviolet region, attributable to the lack of impurities and crystal defects.
· Compared to other crystals, CaF2 has higher durability with regard to humidity and can be handled in the same manner as other regular optic elements.
· Because CaF2 crystals are isotropic, there is no double refraction (polarization characteristics).
· * CaF2 crystals have "cleavage," the tendency to split due to sudden temperature changes or impacts. Also, CaF2 has low hardness and can be scratched when contact is made with glass or metals.
· * Be very careful when handling elements.
· * Window plates for UV and infrared do not have antireflection film coating.
· * With loss due to surface reflection (3% per surface), the transmittance is approximately 94%.
· * Reflected wavefront and transmitted wavefront are not guaranteed for window plates for UV and infrared.
[Product Specifications]
· [2)> Common Specifications]
· Material: CaF2 for Optics
· Parallelism: < 3'
· Scratch-Dig: 60-40
· Effective Diameter: 90% of External Diameter
· [Individual Specifications]
· Outer diameter φD: φ30 mm
· Thickness t: 2 mm
· Compatible Wavelength: 300 to 8,000 nm

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