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Small Indicator Lights (Options, Others)

Small indicator light (option/other) parts are optional parts required for installing a small indicator light, such as color plates, LED bulbs and sockets. The name plate for the indicator light can be selected from colors such as red, green, yellow, amber, translucent white and transparent. Installation methods are also available that vary according to notification types, such as types controlled with regular commands, Ping monitoring and independent control systems. The lamp part, illuminating part and the main body can be ordered separately and then assembled into a small display suitable for the working environment. A nitrile rubber wrench is available as a tool for replacing the lamp and a stainless steel tool is available for removing the LED. For peace of mind, prepare in advance the dedicated tools for the small indicator light maintenance. A wide variety of products required for installation are available, including indicator light lenses and stainless steel fasteners.
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