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PC refers to devices used for data processing and numerical calculations. In addition to conventional PCs used in corporate offices, etc., industrial PCs with long-term, stable supply parts for enhanced functionality and high environmental resistance are also available. The main computer unit comes in shapes such as the vertical tower type, horizontal flat type, box type, etc. Small build-in types, floor-mounted, wall-mounted types and more are available, and should be selected depending on the space needed for installation and the supported OS. The main unit comprises of the CPU, main memory, motherboard, auxiliary input/output terminals, etc., and is used in conjunction with displays, keyboards, and more. PCs are used in calculations, making documents, image processing, among other various applications. They also include touch-panel style computers that are convenient for carrying.
Days to Ship
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  • 38 Day(s) or Less
  • 53 Day(s) or Less
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Product Series
Days to Ship
PC type
Number of PCI bus slots
Dimension height(mm)
Dimension width(mm)
Dimension depth(mm)

    Unit & CPU module



    Product Series

    Unit & CPU module

    Days to Ship 38 Day(s) or more
    PC typeCompactPCI
    Number of PCI bus slots4 to 6 slots / 7 to 14 slots
    Dimension height(mm)17.1
    Dimension width(mm)120 ~ 300
    Dimension depth(mm)205


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