Transformers(Secondary voltage:AC35-40-45-50)

The MISUMI eCatalog has single-phase/single-winding, single-phase/multiple-winding, and three-phase/multiple-winding transformers, but also transformers with capacities from 0.0009 kVA to 200 kVA.

Transformers are also called voltage transforming devices. They convert AC voltages to different voltages using electromagnetic induction. Voltage transformers consist of multiple magnetically coupled coils. The conductor used for the coil is called the winding.
When there are two coils, the coil on the input side is called the primary coil and the coil on the output side is called the secondary coil. When alternating current flows in the primary coil, a time-varying magnetic field is generated, transmitting power to the secondary coil coupled via mutual inductance, when the energy is converted to current again and output.
Changing the voltage by means of a transformer is called transformation. When the voltage is raised it is called a step-up transformer, and when the voltage is lowered it is called a step-down transformer.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Number of phases/winding
Primary voltage(V)
Secondary voltage(V)
Shield presence
Insulation type
Input/output terminal shape
With/without Case
Representative Standard
Dimension vertical(mm)
Dimension width(mm)
Dimension depth(mm)

    R2 series



    Product Series

    R2 series

    Days to Ship 11 Day(s) or more
    Number of phases/windingSingle-phase/Double-winding
    Primary voltage(V)AC200-220
    Secondary voltage(V)AC35-40-45-50
    Shield presenceNA
    Insulation typeA type / E Type
    Input/output terminal shapeUp screw type terminal block / Other
    With/without CaseNA
    Representative Standard-
    Dimension vertical(mm)59 ~ 145
    Dimension width(mm)69 ~ 146
    Dimension depth(mm)55 ~ 135


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