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Interface Terminal Blocks (Rod Terminal Type)

An interface terminal block (pin terminal type) is a wiring connection component that combines a connector and a terminal block. Used for switchboards, monitoring panels, etc. The ferrule-processed bar-type crimp terminal allows push-in connections simply by inserting an electric cable. There are two types of terminal block clamps: spring clamp type and screw clamp type. In addition, maintenance is easy for spring lock type products that do not require retightening. Mounting methods include DIN rail mounting and direct mounting, as well as dual use types. The number of poles in the connector terminal block, the pitch between terminals, and the type of connector vary depending on the product, and must be selected depending on the PLC used. Using a product with a common terminal reduces the number of parts required.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Terminal Block Clamp
Number of Poles(Pole)
Mounting Method
Pitch Between Terminals(mm)
Supported equipment
Supported equipment manufacturer
Representative Standard
Dimension vertical(mm)
Dimension width(mm)
Dimension depth(mm)

    European Type Terminal Block (Spring Pressure Connection Type), PCV5 Series



    Product Series

    European Type Terminal Block (Spring Pressure Connection Type), PCV5 Series

    Days to Ship 9 Day(s) or more
    ConnectorMIL Connector / Other
    Terminal Block ClampSpring
    Number of Poles(Pole)40
    Mounting MethodDIN rail/Direct attachment
    Pitch Between Terminals(mm)5
    Supported equipmentOther
    Supported equipment manufacturerMitsubishi Electric
    Representative StandardTUV
    Dimension vertical(mm)43
    Dimension width(mm)92 ~ 107
    Dimension depth(mm)41


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