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LAN / Reduced Wiring Network Cable(Page2)

LAN and reduced wiring network cables are wiring cables used for Ethernet connections. Pair cables with modular connectors on both ends are generally called LAN cables, which are used for connecting to devices and circuits whose connections are interfaced with connectors. The cables are available in various types, such as the connector / terminal block conversion unit cables, industrial Ethernet connector cables, PCB connector cables, ribbon cables, and more. Conductor specifications can be classified into "solid wire" types with 8 solid copper wire cores with larger diameters, or "stranded wire" types where each of 8 conductors is made of bundles of 7 smaller-gauge wires. LAN and reduced wiring network cables are offered with different characteristics for different situations, such as vibration resistance and heat resistance, and it is important to use a cable suited to the application.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Shield Structure
Shield Details
FA Network Standard
Cable Conductor
Conductor Size
No. of Cores
Cable Outer Diameter(mm)
Cable Feature
Sheath Material

    Cable For Fixed Wiring, Cable For DeviceNet



    Product Series

    Cable For Fixed Wiring, Cable For DeviceNet

    Days to Ship 9 Day(s) or more
    Shield StructureShielded・STP
    Shield DetailsDouble Layer Shield
    FA Network StandardDeviceNet
    StandardUL / CSA(cUL)
    Cable ConductorStranded Wire
    Conductor SizeComposite Cable
    No. of Cores-
    Cable Outer Diameter(mm)6.0~6.9 ~ 10.0~
    ColorGray / Light Gray
    Length(m)1~9 / 10~19 / 20~29 / 30~39 / 40~49 / 50~59 / 60~69 / 70~79 / 80~89 / 90~99 / 100~
    Cable FeatureOil-Resistant
    Sheath MaterialPVC


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