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Work/Office/Protective Clothing

Workwear, office wear and protective clothing are clothes that are necessary and specifically made for the work and operation. Select the type that is comfortable and easy to work in, and the one with functions to match the work details and application. The purpose of wearing protective clothing is to protect the human body from harmful substances such as chemical and radio active substances. Office wear is a type of uniforms worn to perform office operations, and they can create sense of unity and brand images. Workwear is selected based on their toughness and durability as well as whether they have deodorizing and antibacterial functions against sweat and dirt. Workwear has seasonal features, such as cold-resistant warm clothing for winter and air-conditioning clothing for summer-heat countermeasure. In research and manufacturing sites where dust and static electricity should be avoided, antistatic property is required. Additionally, to avoid making scratches on facilities and equipment while at work, workwear is uniquely designed such as with buckle protection, fall-preventive pockets and no protrusions.