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Environment Improvement Supplies

Environment improvement supplies are products made for improving workplace environments such as factories and offices in order for the workers to be able to perform operations as efficiently and safely as possible in better environments. In the long term, those products can contribute to the health of employees, and are made in consideration of not only the workplaces but global environment as well. Products in this category include chemicals and devices for pest control (against flies, cockroaches, ants, hornets), ashtrays designed in consideration of safety based on the locations (separated or outdoor smoking areas), water dispensers to serve cold water at all times, which can be a measure to prevent heat strokes, and so forth. Other products include devices to compress space-taking trash such as cans, gas-venting devices of spay cans, incinerators of combustible waste; these environment improvement supplies are effective for saving work spaces as well. All these machines and devices are designed in such a way that harmful substances are not generated.