Carbide Ball End Mills(R Precision:-0.008~+0.008)

An online store for carbide ball end mills. Divided into categories of normal ball end mill and long neck ball end mill. In MISUMI's e catalog, specifications/dimensions (size) of radius size, compatible work materials, blade length, number of blades, neck length, total length, coating, etc. can be selected with one click so you can easily find the desired carbide ball end mill
[What is a carbide ball end mill?]
A type of milling cutter. An end mill characterized by a bottom flute with a spherical (round) cutting edge, mainly used for cutting free-form surface shapes. Its main role is cutting molded parts. Due to the spherical cutting edge, it has features that can support various machining shapes.

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Product Series
Days to Ship
R Size(mm)
work material
Blade length (ℓ)(mm)
Number of flutes(sheet)
Overall Length (L)(mm)
Underneck length (ℓ1)(mm)
Shank diameter (d)(mm)
R Precision(μm)
Machining Application

    2-flute, Long Neck, Ball End Type for Graphite DG-LN-EBD



    Product Series

    2-flute, Long Neck, Ball End Type for Graphite DG-LN-EBD

    Days to Ship 9 Day(s) or more
    R Size(mm)0.2 ~ 0.3
    TypeLong-Neck Ball
    work materialAluminum[○] / Graphite[◎] / Resin[◎]
    Blade length (ℓ)(mm)0.6 ~ 0.9
    Number of flutes(sheet)2
    Overall Length (L)(mm)50 ~ 60
    Underneck length (ℓ1)(mm)4 ~ 20
    Shank diameter (d)(mm)4
    R Precision(μm)-0.008~+0.008
    Machining ApplicationCurved surface / Side / Engraving / R Groove


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