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For Pin Point Gates

Pinpoint gate cutters are used to perform pinpoint gate processing on the SR and secondary sprue parts of resin molds. The material of the cutter is high-speed steel, powdered high-speed steel, and carbide. The blade has two blades and is characterized by a straight blade. Materials compatible with processing include carbon steel for machine structural use, alloy tool steel, heat-treated steel, etc. As a selection point for the pinpoint gate, it is necessary to check not only the material of the cutter, but also the tip radius, blade length, both corners, etc. Some products can be additionally coated with TS or XAL. As a processing procedure for the pinpoint gate, first prepare a prepared hole with a drill of several sizes. After that, the workpiece is mounted on a processing machine such as a machining center, etc., and the SR part and tip of the gate are processed with dedicated tools for finishing.
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