Spiral Taps(Screw size (Nominal):M1.1)

An online store for spiral taps. In MISUMI's e-catalog (online general catalog), specifications/dimensions of nominal, pitch, screw type, delivery date, etc. can be selected with one click, so you can easily find the desired spiral tap.

[What is a spiral tap?]
A cutting tap with grooves twisted so as to discharge chips in the direction opposite to the tap traveling direction (front side), making it ideal for machining "blind hole" threads. As it has good machinability, it is suitable for viscous materials (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc.). Also, as the discharge of chips is good, it is also suitable for machining. There are two types of materials, mainly HSS (= high speed steel) and carbide: HSS is tough and hard to break and carbide is abrasion resistant.
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Screw Types
Screw size (Nominal)
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    Spiral Tap Series, General Purpose EX-SFT



    Product Series

    Spiral Tap Series, General Purpose EX-SFT

    Days to Ship 11 Day(s) or more
    Screw TypesMeter
    Screw size (Nominal)M1.1
    Pitch (P), Number of Threading(mm)0.25
    Chamfer threads (Lcf)2.5P
    Tool Material TypeVanadium High-Speed Steel
    work materialMedium carbon steel (carbon content 0.25 to 0.45%)[○] / Alloy Steel (SCM)[○] / Ductile Cast Iron (FCD)[○] / Copper (Cu)[○] / Brass (Bs)[○] / Brass cast iron (BsC)[○] / Bronze (Pb)[○] / Aluminum Rolled Material (AL)[○] / Aluminum Alloy Casting (AC, ADC)[○] / Magnesium Alloy (MC)[○] / Zinc Alloy Casting (ZDC)[○] / Thermoplastic plastic (vinyl chloride, nylon, etc.)[○]
    Tap TypeSpiral Tap
    Hole typeFor blind hole
    Coating Y/NNA
    Coating TypeNon-Coated
    Overall Length (L)(mm)32


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