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Wheels with Shafts(Page8)

Mounted wheels are tools use to grind and polish pipe and other curved surfaces. They can handle work such as grinding, polishing, and finishing depending on the shape of the tip. Flap wheels have cloth secured radially to bases and are used for polishing work. The polishing range is large, and they can handle internal areas and curves surface difficult to polish as well as flat surfaces. There is a slight gap between strips of polishing cloth, so there is little clogging and uniform work is possible. And different degrees of hardness and softness can be handled by adjusting the rotational speed. There are many types of outer diameters as well, so that size needs to be selected according to the width of the workpiece. By changing the tip tool to hand drum, felt hub, and the like, grinding work and finishing work can be handled in addition to polishing work. A variety of materials can be worked on, including wood, stainless steel, and plastic.
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