Files(Roughness of grain (precision file):#3)

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Product Series
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Product Type
Nominal Dimensions
Nominal Size
Overall Length(mm)
Roughness of grain
Particle Size(#)
Roughness of grain (precision file)
Electrodeposition segment length(mm)
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    Precision File

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        Precise File

          Precise File






          Product Series

          Precision File

          Precision Set Assorted Files (Precision)【5-12 Pieces Per Package】

          Precise File【5-12 Pieces Per Package】

          Precise File

          Days to Ship 13 Day(s) or more 11 Day(s) or more 11 Day(s) or more Quote
          TypePrecise FilePrecise FilePrecise FilePrecise File
          Product Type----
          Nominal Dimensions----
          Nominal Size----
          Overall Length(mm)-140 ~ 200140 ~ 200-
          Roughness of grain----
          Particle Size(#)----
          Roughness of grain (precision file)#3#3#3#3
          Electrodeposition segment length(mm)----
          Single Product Set ProductSingle ItemSet Product / Packed GoodsSet Product / Packed GoodsSingle Item


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