Tool Sets / Tool Boxes(Case Size (Frontage x Depth x Height):412×220×289)

Various items such as double-opening type, single-opening type, trunk type, etc. with various materials such as resin and steel/aluminum are available.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Tool set and tool box only
Toolbox Type
Tool set type
Case Size (Frontage x Depth x Height)(mm)
Set Content(Point)
Case color
Insertion Angle(mm)

    Import Tool Set 44 Pieces



    Product Series

    Import Tool Set 44 Pieces

    Days to Ship 14 Day(s) or more
    Tool set and tool box onlyTool set
    Toolbox Type-
    Tool set typeDouble open portable type
    Case Size (Frontage x Depth x Height)(mm)412×220×289
    Set Content(Point)44
    Case color-
    Insertion Angle(mm)12.7


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