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Products for Brazing

Brazing is a method of welding to join metals using an alloy called solder with a low melting point as a form of adhesive. There are various types of solder used depending on the type of metal to be bonded. Silver solder with silver, copper, and zinc as the main components is used for metals other than aluminum and magnesium. Copper and brass solders where copper and zinc are mixed is used for brazing steel and copper. Those solders use a brazing accelerator called flux, but phosphorus copper solder with 5 to 8% phosphorus mixed in does not require flux and is used for connecting copper pipe. Accessories such as automatic ignition torches for heating to melt solder, ceramic boards, carbon protectors, and flux are also available.
Days to Ship
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  • 2 Day(s) or Less
  • 9 Day(s) or Less
  • 20 Day(s) or Less
  • 25 Day(s) or Less
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Type
Wire diameter(mm)
Fusing point(°C)
Tensile Strength(N/mm2)


      Silver Brazing Rods

        Carbon Electrode (2 Pieces)

          Aluminum Hard Wax

            Aluminum Solder







            Product Series


            Silver Brazing Rods【5 Pieces Per Package】

            Carbon Electrode (2 Pieces)【2 Pieces Per Package】

            Aluminum Hard Wax【10 Pieces Per Package】

            Aluminum Solder【10 Pieces Per Package】

            Days to Ship 2 Day(s) or more 2 Day(s) 9 Day(s) or more 2 Day(s) 9 Day(s) or more
            Product TypeBrazing MaterialBrazing MaterialProduct for brazingBrazing MaterialBrazing Material
            Wire diameter(mm)-0.8 ~ 1.6-1.62
            Fusing point(°C)-780-580380
            Tensile Strength(N/mm2)-539-245294


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