BEST Hinges(Mounting Screw Hole Type:Slotted Hole)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Main Body Type
Flat Hinge Type
Detachable, Flag Hinge Type
Length L(mm)
Operating Environment
Body Material
Main Body Surface Treatment
Width W(mm)
Additional Function
Mounting Method
Mounting Screw Hole Type

    180, 180-Degree Opening Hinge



    Product Series

    180, 180-Degree Opening Hinge

    Days to Ship 14 Day(s) or more
    Main Body TypeSpecial Shape
    Flat Hinge Type-
    Detachable, Flag Hinge Type-
    Length L(mm)150
    Operating EnvironmentStandard
    Body MaterialSteel
    Main Body Surface TreatmentNickel Plating
    Width W(mm)72
    Additional FunctionNot Provided
    ReversedFor Right Side / For Left Side / For Both Right and Left Sides
    Mounting MethodScrew Mounting
    Mounting Screw Hole TypeSlotted Hole


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