Cable Carriers(Cable Insertion Type:Slit)

[Cable Carrier]
A protective tube for storing cables, indispensable for equipment drive parts. It houses power cables and control cables, and guides and protects the cables according to the movement of robots and machine tools. Various manufacturers use different names, such as Cableveyor (Tsubakimoto Chain), Energy Chain (Igus), Plarail Chain (Nihon Pisco), Silveyer (THK). Available according to the application from an extensive lineup, including products with low dust generation, low abrasion, and high clean-room performance, durable steel material types, and slit types reducing the design time required by pushing a cable through the gaps between links.
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Product Series
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Cover Type
Inner Height H1(mm)
Number of Divided Sections inside Carrier
Inner Width W1(mm)
Bending Radius R(mm)
Max. Cable O.D. Dp(Ø)
Operating Speed(m/s)
Pitch P(mm)
Cable Insertion Surface
Cable Insertion Type

    Cable Carriers-Slit Type

      Cable chain   Main body - Cover integrated type  KSL type

        Low Noise Type HPC Series





        Product Series

        Cable Carriers-Slit Type

        Cable chain Main body - Cover integrated type KSL type

        Low Noise Type HPC Series

        • 2D / 3D
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        TypeSquare ShapeModular Type Square ShapeSquare Shape
        Cover TypeStandardFull CoverStandard
        Properties-Low Particle Generation / Low Noise / High EnduranceStandard / Low Noise
        Inner Height H1(mm)9.4 ~ 321030
        Number of Divided Sections inside CarrierNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot Provided
        Inner Width W1(mm)15 ~ 502040
        Bending Radius R(mm)18 ~ 100--
        Max. Cable O.D. Dp(Ø)7 ~ 25724
        Operating Speed(m/s)-32.5
        Pitch P(mm)13 ~ 30.516.525
        Cable Insertion SurfaceOuter Circumferential Surface / Inner Circumferential SurfaceOuter Circumferential SurfaceOuter Circumferential Surface
        Cable Insertion TypeSlitSlitSlit


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