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    Regarding the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pandemic, Some of supplier have to stop working to follow additional precautionary measures the virus and due to effect of high demand some product, it may cause some of product take longer than standard lead time.

Temperature Sensors

A temperature sensor is a part that converts temperature information into an electrical signal that is read by a temperature controller or other device. In regular industrial applications, thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors are often used, and many types are available, including the standard sheath type. Variations include L types, screw mounting types or terminal types for use in limited space; heat-resistant or chemical-resistant types for special applications; and band types and surface temperature measurement types for different workpiece shapes. Select according to the application and available space. Also, consider parts such as dedicated brackets for mounting the temperature sensor; compensating cables or connectors for extension; and thermostats for assembling safety circuits.