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Water Faucets

A water faucet is a part used in water supply equipment to perform open or close operations or adjust the flow rate. Water faucet types include single faucets used to open or shut off only cold water or hot water, and mixing faucets where the balance between hot and cold water is adjusted. Single faucet types include regular water faucets, as well as stopcocks and washing machine faucets. A stopcock is installed between the water supply pipe and the water faucet fittings to enable repair work after a malfunction without needing to shut off the main valve to the entire building. A dedicated water faucet with an emergency water stop valve is used as the washing machine faucet. When the protrusion at the end of the tap is inserted into the washing machine hose, the protrusion is pressed in and water can be discharged. Mixing faucet types include a 2-valve type that adjusts using 2 handles for hot and cold water, and a single lever-type that adjusts using a single lever-type handle. Also, water faucets with a shower or water purification function are available.