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  • Sehubungan dengan wabah virus Corona (2019-nCoV), kami mohon maaf dikarenakan beberapa supplier harus berhenti beroperasi dan tingginya permintaan akan beberapa produk, hal ini akan mempengaruhi lead time beberapa produk menjadi lebih lama dari waktu standar.
    Regarding the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pandemic, Some of supplier have to stop working to follow additional precautionary measures the virus and due to effect of high demand some product, it may cause some of product take longer than standard lead time.

Coating Apparatuses

Painting equipment is comprised of the units that paint objects by spraying paint supplied from a tank, and the peripheral devices of these units. These devices are used to paint vehicles, metal, resin, steel frames or other objects, and various paint types can be used, such as lacquer, urethane, antirust paint and asbestos. After use, the devices can be cleaned internally by pouring water into the tank and then spraying the water. As such, the devices can be used not only for painting, but also for cleaning objects. Electrostatic painting machines are suitable as automatic painting machines that use a charged paint painting method. Types of manually operated painting devices include a type powered by a compressor that maintains stable pressure and output, and an airless type that does not require a compressor. The airless type is also suitable for home use. A 100 V hand-held type product is also available that can be used for a wide variety of applications in addition to painting and cleaning.