Wing Nuts(Page2)

Wing Nuts
Nut with handles like a butterfly. They can be fastened by hand without using a tool.
In Japanese they are called "butterfly bolts".
Standards 1 to 4 are available according to the head shape. There are many different types that can be classified as "tall" or "short" type depending on the thread length, or as "R" or "H" type depending on the wing size.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Nominal of Thread (M)
Surface Treatment
Thread Type
Applications, Functions
Sales Unit
Nominal of Thread (inch)
Surface Treatment (Details)
Hex Nut Type

    Butterfly Nut [Trivalent Chromate] EA949SD-7A

      Stainless Steel Wing Nut

        Wing Nut





        Product Series

        Butterfly Nut [Trivalent Chromate] EA949SD-7A【2 Pieces Per Package】

        Stainless Steel Wing Nut【10 Pieces Per Package】

        Wing Nut【5-50 Pieces Per Package】

        Days to Ship 11 Day(s) or more 17 Day(s) or more 17 Day(s) or more
        Nominal of Thread (M)-3 ~ 126 ~ 16
        Material-Stainless SteelSteel
        Surface Treatment--Not Provided
        Thread Type---
        Applications, Functions---
        Sales Unit-Box, Pkg.Box, Pkg.
        Nominal of Thread (inch)--1/2 ~ 5/16
        Surface Treatment (Details)---
        Hex Nut Type---


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