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  • Wiring duct

    Wiring duct


    These products are available in abundant variations with the reliability of the company with the top share in the Japanese market.

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    7 Day(s) or more
  • Eco-Wiring duct (Eco-Wiring duct)

    Eco-Wiring duct (Eco-Wiring duct)


    Non-halogen materials are used, making the product environmentally friendly, as well as more lightweight with increased heat resistance over PVC ducting. [Features] · Uses eco-friendly materials that do not contain halogen substances. Approximately 20% lighter than conventional PVC ducting. · Improved heat resistance over conventional PVC ducting.

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  • Connect the lock duct

    Connect the lock duct


    Realize space savings by mounting equipment on wire ducting. [Features] · Streamlining of wiring by using the product on transition wiring for common switch lines. · The exposed part is insulation coated, and is therefore safe. The insertion shape conforms to a fork-type (Y) shape. · Installation and removal are easy. Wire finishing can be performed cleanly using the operation panel with its many switch types.

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  • Wire duct adhesive tape

    Wire duct adhesive tape【10 Pieces Per Package】


    · A cable duct for easy mounting and dismounting of cables without requiring a cover. The duct has a wide slit for easy wire identification/branching and is compact in size in comparison to normal ducting. [Features] · A cable duct for saving space without requiring a cover. · A cable duct for easy mounting and dismounting of cables without requiring a cover. · Select from screw type and adhesive tape type mountings. · The Heladuct has a wide slit for enabling easy wire identification and branching. · In addition, in comparison to normal cable ducting, the compact design contributes to saving space. · Please use for wiring switchboards, power distribution boards, and office furniture.

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    7 Day(s) or more
  • Wire duct screw

    Wire duct screw【10 Pieces Per Package】


    · Wiring duct which enables simple mounting and dismounting of cables and does not require a cover. · Flat duct has a wide slit so wire identification and branching can easily be performed. [Features] · Wiring duct that enables space saving without any need for a cover. · Wiring duct enabling simple mounting and dismounting of cables that do not require a cover. · Can select from screw secured and adhesive tape secured types. · Flat duct has a wide slit so wire identification and branching can easily be performed. In addition, compared to normal wiring ducts, a compact design is used, contributing to space savings. Please use for wiring included in power boards, power distribution boards or office furniture

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  • Eco-duct

    Eco-duct【1-10 Pieces Per Package】


    Environment-friendly, halogen-free eco-duct. [Features] Taking environmental considerations into account, halogen free resin is used which does not cause toxic gas to be released during incineration. The flame-retardant version has the same properties as one that is certified as self-extinguishing UL94V-0. Specific gravity is approximately 20% lighter than PVC. The inside surface hole of the ED-duct has been chamfered on the inner surface. Compared with conventional PVC, the ED duct has excellent heat resistance.

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