1. Q1What are MISUMI's office hours?


    MISUMI Indonesia
    Monday to Friday (8:30AM to 5:30PM)
    Saturday (8:30AM to 3:00pm)

  2. Q2What are the "System Requirements"?/I can’t see the website. / Website display has collapsed.


    The following web browsers are recommended to view our website:
    1.Microsoft Internet Explorer

    The website may be inoperable or may not display properly if your web browser is not one of the recommended browsers, or depending on your browser configuration, even when used in conjunction with a recommended browser.

    If you are not using one of the web browser versions above, we recommend you update your web browser.

  3. Q3How can I stop receiving your email blast?


    You may click on the ‘’Unsubscribe’’ link at the bottom of our EDM.

  4. Q4Is there a community page of MISUMI?


    SNS page will be prepared and open soon

  5. Q5There is a product for which I cannot Download CAD data.


    CAD data may not be available for some parts. If you need CAD data that is not available on our website, please kindly contact MISUMI.

  6. Q6When I click EZ Product Finder, a blank window appears.


    If you are using Firefox, you may need to:
    Tools › Options › Contents › enable Java Script
    Then in "Advanced settings" you need to allow "Move or resize existing windows"

  7. Q7Where can I request for the item which is not listed in Catalog?


    Customer Service Team. We may not be able to support your requirements depending on the modification details.

    Customer Service:
    Tel: 021-8984-0008
    Email: cs@misumi.co.id

  8. Q8What is Web Ordering System (WOS)?


    Web Ordering System (WOS) is MISUMI’s next generation online quote and order platform. It is the faster, easier, and reliable way of ordering for MISUMI products as well as third-party branded products.

  9. Q9The page does not display or transition properly. What should I do?


    Please check your browser settings, in the following order.
    Screen shots are taken from Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

    1. Page reload

    Press and hold the [Ctrl] and [R] keys on the keyboard.

    * Contents you entered may disappear. Use temporary storage function or refrain from the contents.


    2. Clearing your cache

    (1) Click [Tools] → [Delete Browsing History]

    (2) Check only [Preserve Favorites website data]、[Temporary Internet files and Website files ] → [Delete]

    Clearing your cache


    3. Confirm security level

    (1) [Tools] → [Internet options]

    (2) [Security] → [Internet] → [Default level] → [Medium-high]

    * Unnecessary if you can not click [Default level]

    Confirm security level 01
    Confirm security level 02


    4. Set up trusted sites

    (1) [Security] → [Trusted sites] → [Default level] → [Medium] → [Sites]

    (2) Type [https://*.misumi-ec.com/], [http://*.misumi.jp/] and [https://*.partcommunity.com] → [Add] → [Close]

    Set up trusted sites 01
    Set up trusted sites 02


    5. Accept cookies

    (1) [Privacy] → [Advanced]

    style="margin-bottom: 10px;"(2) Check [Override automatic cookie handling] → chose two [Accept], Check [Always allow session cookies] → [OK]

    Accept cookies


    6. Set Pop-up blocker

    (1) [Privacy] → Check [Turn on Pop-up Blocker] → [Settings]

    (2) Check [Show Notification bar when a pop-up is blocked] → Blocking level [Medium] → [Close]

    Set Pop-up blocker