Surface Plates(Type:A Type)

An online store for surface plates. In MISUMI's e-catalog, products with high workability and cost performance are available. Since it is possible to select surface plates widely for every work context, anyone can easily find their desired surface plate.
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[What is a surface plate?]
A surface plate is a horizontally level work table which serves as a horizontal reference plane. It can be used for metal machining, inspection of flatness and measurement/assembly.
Although all are called surface plates, there are differences in durability and abrasion properties, such as cast iron, stone, glass, etc., in the surface material of the table. Also, according to the work, it is essential to determine accuracy as well as the width and height of the surface plate before purchase.
Calibration is also necessary for the surface plate, and it is possible to maintain work quality by performing periodic calibration.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Type
Flat surface precision(μm)
Loadable Plate Dimensions(mm)
Degree of deviation between base surface and V groove(μm)

    V-Block Type A

      A-Type Precision V-Block Table

        A Type Precision V-Block Table

          Cast Iron V Block, Type A

            Cast Iron Precision V-Block Polished



            OHNISHI MFG

            UNI SEIKI


            NIIGATA SEIKI (SK)

            Product Series

            V-Block Type A【2 Pieces Per Package】

            A-Type Precision V-Block Table【2 Pieces Per Package】

            A Type Precision V-Block Table【2 Pieces Per Package】

            Cast Iron V Block, Type A

            Cast Iron Precision V-Block Polished

            Days to Ship 11 Day(s) or more 2 Day(s) or more 8 Day(s) or more Quote 9 Day(s) or more
            Product TypeV BlockV BlockV BlockV BlockV Block
            MaterialCast IronCast IronCast IronCast IronCast Iron
            Flat surface precision(μm)-----
            Width(mm)-50 ~ 15050 ~ 20050 ~ 150-
            Depth(mm)-22 ~ 6019 ~ 7022 ~ 60-
            Height(mm)-32 ~ 9024 ~ 11032 ~ 90-
            Loadable Plate Dimensions(mm)-----
            Degree of deviation between base surface and V groove(μm)-5010--
            TypeA TypeA TypeA TypeA TypeA Type


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